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IS the 30.30 adequate for elk

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Many elk have fallen to the 30-30.
The only time I would recommend the 30-30 unless you were hunting dark timber that would not give you shots of more than 50 yards.
My recommendation would be to go with a cartridge with a bit more energy.

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The .30-30 is fine for elk so long as you respect its range limitations.

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The 30-30 Win has killed and wounded a lot of elk over the years - just like numerous other caliers.

While it isn't my first choice, I have seen several clean kills from hunters using Federal 170-gr. Partitions, which performed adequately unter 180 yards.

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If you could get a bigger gun 30-30 is a nice gun but respect a good kill for the animal.

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One of the fellas in my group is faced with using a .30-30 for elk this year.

During our scouting trips we are trying to identify areas with heavy cover so that shots will be shorter range. I am also cautioning him to beware of some of those shot placements - essentially, further limiting his range.

We have been experimenting with the Hornady LeverEvolution cartridges. I don't know if they are any more lethal but they are definitly more accurate.

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You're going to be really limited in your shot opprotunities with that small of a gun. It's a big enough projectile but at 150 grains its only going between1900 and 2200 fps where a 30-06 shoots the same projectile at more like 2900 fps. If you have someting bigger you'll really want to use it. If not get close and aim well. A marginal shot could be a nightmare with any rifle even more with a 30-30.

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