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.270 Win Worthless on Elk!

I keep hearing how good the .270 Winnie is on Elk, if you just put the shot into the heart lung area.

I agree with that, however, the .270 is marginal at best according to the "gun scribes of note", and my experiences with it in the field shows, that it is totally lacking in killing power. Especially, when everything just doesn't go right.

The idots that keep promoting the .270 "as a do all" must have very little experience in dealing with these beast.

Using a Marginal Caliber on such hugh animals is only a stunt. IMO.

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.270 Win Worthless on Elk!

What has been your experience Beef Jerky?

I don't use a 270 myself, but know elk hunters who think they are fine (from practical experience)...

.270 Win Worthless on Elk!

35 years experience and close to that many elk. Either by my own hand, or that of friends, or people that I've guided.

What really gets me, it people who decry a rifle with more power (that will do the job), because of felt recoil, so they go out and get one that doesn't kick as much.

These sissys need to learn how to shoot a real rifle that will kill an elk like Bob Hagle said, "will kill not when everything is right, but when it's not." Hagle was a guide writer that was in on the kills of hundreds of elks.

If the truth be known and with today's hunting pressures on public lands, most elk are in a state of leaving the area of hunters when a shot is made. "Not just standing in a Meadow, broadside, at the shot." You need a caliber and bullet that will plow through heavy bone, mussle, and gut to get the job done.

My experience has been most shots have been quartering, about 65 %, as opposed to broadside. Few hunters will wait for this pose if they finally find the 6 pt. they been looking for all their lives, especially, if the elk is spooked and might possibly leave.

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.270 Win Worthless on Elk!

My experience has been most shots have been quartering, about 65 %, as opposed to broadside. Few hunters will wait for this pose if they finally find the 6 pt. they been looking for all their lives, especially, if the elk is spooked and might possibly leave

You said it all in this statement. Few hunters wait for this pose. Well I have a friend that has hunted with nothing but a 270 and it sounds to me like you said its the hunter shooting more than it is the rifle.

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.270 Win Worthless on Elk!

I'm going to have to agree with Supersider sounds like the hunter not the rifle. I'm not a 270 fan. But it is plenty of gun for an elk. My youngest daughter has filled her elk tag the last two years. She hunts with a little Remington modle 7 youth in 7mm 08. It all comes back to knowing your firearm and shot placment.

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.270 Win Worthless on Elk!

There was a book out a few years back, that told of a guy up in the Galatin area of Montana and this guy was a poacher-violater and he took over 200 elk, with a Sako .222. I would think that shot placement is more important than power, and rump shooting is not a thing that I would care to do, even if I had a 375 magnum. My $.02 worth... Bob

.270 Win Worthless on Elk!

As I said in my original post, the .270 will kill quite well on a broadside shot.

My experience outside of this type of shot is that the .270 is whoafully lacking. If the hunter is patient, then all is well.

I wouldn't want to stake a whole season and/or years of wanting to connect with the right situation, only to loose an elk because the cartridge is minimal. It doesn't make sense.

Ruark wrote to "Use Enought Gun." I can understand young ones using smaller calibers, but I don't think 90% of the hunters would wait patiently for the broadside shot...If they do, great...but that hasn't been the case in my experience.

I had a dude from New York hunt with me for several years. We harvested 2 elk together, and lost one. All were moving. He was using a .300 Wea. Not one drop in their track with hard hits. The one we lost was hit low in his chest and we eventually lost it's tracks...Even the 300s with Nosler 180 won't shoot through an elk broadside at under 100 yards...I've watch them travel over the next mtn., even though they were mortally wounded and lost to other hunters.

On the other hand, I've seen marginally hit elk go down, because the caliber and bullet weight was heavy enough to get through bone and into the boilerroom.

After opening day, when you may find an elk in an open meadow (doubtful), they are all in the black timber or on pvt. lands. In timber, they'll know your comeing, and all that is seen is the antlers and backsides, leaving at 90 m/h. OK, I won't shoot. Yea, right!

Maybe we need a post to see how many would take a shot at running big game (non-dangerous)...

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.270 Win Worthless on Elk!

I'm not sure what prompted the creation of this post but I have to take issue with a few things that are being said here. First off, I have never hunted elk with anything but my .270, compound bow, and muzzleloader. I have killed several elk with my .270 without issue. I spend ample time preparing in the off season knowing my limitations on the shots that I take. I also load my own ammo with premium quality bullets.
To make the statement that guys that don't go out and buy a super magnum rifle with heavier recoil are sissy's is ignorant and unneccessary. Especially if you are going to follow that up with a long list of comments about taking bad or questionable shots at game.
Every hunter has the responsibility to make the right decision when it comes time to pull the trigger in the field. I doesn't matter what caliber of rifle you are shooting, if you make a bad decision, the results are inevidable.
I don't argue about the killing power of bigger, faster cartridges, they all get the job done without question just as my .270 has always done for me. But if you are going to justify needing a bigger caliber rifle so that you can take questionable shots at game, then maybe you should spend some more time learning to be a better hunter and not bashing fellow hunters that choose to hunt with a legitamate elk cartridge that happens to be different than the one that you choose.

Just my .02....

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.270 Win Worthless on Elk!

I agree with you 100% Matravj!

And I totally disagree with Beef Jerky's statement that you must be a sissy if you're not shooting a large caliber rifle to hunt elk. Not true! A 270 is perfectly capable of doing the job.

.270 Win Worthless on Elk!

Mattravj & Cowgal

What is your experience and back grounds to make such a judgement? I would guess not much!

Also, reread the original post again (both of you) so you don't just read into it what it doesn't say. It never ceases to amaze me the ignorance of some people. They only read what they think they read. Great Horny Toads, pay attention!

I don't know of one experience Elk hunter that would give the .270 Win. any marks higher than MARGINAL. PERIOD. TO Quote Craig Boddington and to also substaniate my point:
"I have OFTEN written that I don't think the .270 is an ideal elk cartridge..." ("RifleShooter", July/August 03, pg. 46) Neither do I. Nor has it been my experience that it's worth a HOOT, under all an every set of circumstances.

Only inexperienced hunters talk about how good it is. They don't talk about the ones they wound or the ones that get away. Marginal in my book means PipSqueak. It doesn't do justice to the animal and it is more of a stunt than really caring about killing an animal outright. These people I have found to be just down right selfish in their ideals and a very closed mined.

If you think I'm hunter bashing, I'm not, but to just sit back and let a few 'HUNTERS' misslead many, because they may have some success with a few elk with the .270 and were lucky, would be negilgence on my part. If you want to think I'm hunter bashing, that's your opinion, everybody has a "A"dam "H"enry. You just happen to be inexperienced, IMO.

Finally, Mattravj & Cowgal, it's just fine for any inexperience hunter to sit behind a key board and type about the moral issues of only taking the policially correct heart and lung shot, but if the truth be known, almost every hunter will take the shot at an animal no matter how slight or how marginal it maybe be, if that is the only one that will present itself. Very FEW hunters will past on a shot on a 6 or 7 point bull, bear, dear, etc. "if its not just so". And just learning to "injin up" and be a better hunter is just dandy, but in reality it just isn't done that way. It never ceases to amaze me, people with high ideals, that critizes people who are honest about human nature and about they own experiences, think that if everybody would to it their way the world would be a better place to hunt in. Maybe. In reality, it just isn't so. How do I know. Have you ever drove your car and disobeyed the speed limit? Ever. It the law and an IDEAL/law. How about marriage, "Yes, I do." 'Til it doesn't feel good anymore (52% of the marriages fail), etc. You get my point.

Where the rubber meets the road, is where it counts. Ideals are great, just don't B.S. yourselves and me. I know. I've "been chewing corn a long time."

Beef Jerky

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.270 Win Worthless on Elk!

I think the operative phrase here is "jerk."

No, you are not a "sissy" if you choose not to shoot a magnum caliber. Anyone who says otherwise is not demonstrating any degree of experience, they are simply demonstrating ignorance.

And a magnum caliber is no substitute for proper shot placement. Indeed, as an experienced elk and deer hunter, I would argue that it is the bozo who thinks he can take any old shot he wants as long as he's using a big-caliber magnum that gives the rest of us a bad name.

In this case, my best advice to everyone reading this thread is--consider the source.

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