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.270 win for small Cow Bison ( American Buffalo )

I would use either 130 grain Barnes VorTx, TTSX 140 grain Nosler AccuBond, 140 grain Hornady SST Superfromance, 150 grain Interlock SP, 150 grain Winchester XP3, 140 grain Federal Trophy Bonded Tip, 150 grain Nosler Partition, 150 grain Federal Soft Point RN, 150 grain Sierra GameKing BTSP, or 130 grain Federal Premium Nosler Ballistic Tip. The game would be around 1500-1800 lbs, range would around 150 yards or less.

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Bullet Placement

Even with perfect bullet placement and an optimal bullet I would consider the .270 Win to be a little on the "light" side.

Just my $0.02.

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.270 for buffalo

About a year or so ago the TV show "Outdoors with Jason Matzinger" aired a buffalo hunt that a friend of mine did on Turner's Flying D ranch SW of Bozeman, MT.

The show showed George dropping a large bull in his tracks with one shot from his .270 Win. After the shot, Rob Arnaud, the outfitter, was shown talking with George and they were laughing about George using his "big gun." The previous year George had killed another large buffalo bull with one shot with his .22-250.

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as with any large game, shot

as with any large game, shot placement with a smaller caliber is the most important part of the hunt.  i have used .30-06 and .300mag with excellent results.  personally, i would still use a .30 calibe but if you succeed, then more power to you.  good luck.

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