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270 for moose

Anybody out there got any experience taking moose with a 270? I know the gun has killed plenty of moose but I would like to hear from someone with firsthand experience. I use a 300Win Mag. and it's more than enough, but the ample recoil is starting to get to me. I really like the 270, as it should be good for both moose and deer.

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270 for moose

Hi There:

Not a thing wrong with using a 270 for moose.
My wife shot one @ 240 yds. 14 pt bull, nice animal.
You can see her, gun and moose at the bottom of managers page on our website http://www.GanderRiver.com
Over the years we have had more trouble with people coming hunting over gunned than under.
A lot of people who are used to shooting 243's come with 300's or bigger and have trouble.
Give me a flat shooting gun, 270 or 7mm every time over big power. The heart lung area on a moose is 16" square, all you have to do is hit it once, not put three shots in the same hole.

People who use guns that hurt them, tend to flinch or close their eyes when they fire. We get a lot of gut shots and a lot of misses from folks using these guns.

This is based on 20+ yars in outfitting business, 20+ hunters a year.


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270 for moose

Killing moose is more about your shooting skills than the size of the caliber you shoot. .270 is fine

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