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.257 weatherby

Anyone with exspierience with this caliber any info would be greatly appreciated

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.257 weatherby

The only one that I have any experience with is in a top of the line Weatherby. That California look is just plain UGLY, but it shoots like a dream come true... the stock design absorbes recoil (such as it is 8) ) to a degree that has to be experienced to be believed. I've been able to get a group of 1.675" at two hundred yards; I'm sure the gun can do better than that.

It's my favorite for "speedgoats" and long open shots on deer.

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257 Weatherby mag

What are your questions I have two top of the line weatherbys (German ones)and am about to get a Vanguard. I have rebarreled one of them three times, I shoot alot. 1st time I was a 12 yr old idiot and shot about 100rnds before I noticed groups were becoming bad so was the blueing on the barrel.
The Weatherby's cost me $12.95 for shipping since my dad had sold so many of em. Roy gave us a 300WM and 2 257's. Very impressed with the 257. My first 4 elk were killed with it. 120 grain noslers. I would take the 87 grain bullet and shoot a few gophers at ludicrous ranges to brag. Heavy gun nice recoil pad so there is not much kick but whole lotta noise. Sight it in at 250 and you have one of the longest +- 4 inch shooters around. Play around with the numbers and you will find also that since it is so fast and with a bullet with good B.C. you don't have to worry much about winds. (to be able to stay in the vitals) Great cartridge I can't say enough about it. If you reload the bolt is one of the stongest, Krieger barrel and I like that California stock just wish we could call it something other than California. 100 grain seems to be my all around weight. One of my rifles likes flat base bullets the other one does not care. I am starting to play with the Barnes bullets which gives me a little more speed but I don't think it is realy needed just curious about em. Easy to reload and as long as you are not loading them up to maximum the exspensive brass seems to last forever. I grew up near Red Lodge MT where this rifle was used alot. Elk deer pronghorn blackbear and some realy large pigs in Alabama. This is a great cartridge/rifle It is on the exspensive side though. I am wondering if Winchester is ever going to come out with a 25WSM . This might be something to wait for.

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