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.223 for Yotes

Do you guys think that a .223 is enough for coyotes? We had to get rid of some dogs killing calves the other day and a buddies AR with bull barrel and scope did the trick. I was thinking about outfitting my AR which is stock with a scope and bipod but just wandering what you guys thought.

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.223 for Yotes

It should be more than capable for yotes. I have used a 22 mag. before at 50 yds and it dropped them.

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.223 for Yotes

.223 is great for yotes Thumbs up thats what i use

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.223 for Yotes


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.223 for Yotes

One of the best caliber for predator hunting, it will even drop a cougar.

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.223 for Yotes

Lots of people use the .223 for yotes because their cheap to load and you can buy surplus military rounds plus just about everybody chambers a rifle for it.In this respect it's kind of like the other military rounds .308 and 30-06.

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.223 for Yotes

Load a 50 grain v max really hot and you'll be thinking a .223 is way too much for coyotes. I've nearly blown them in half if I hit the spine with one. The only way a .223 is too small is if you can't hit them square and need something so big that butt shots and drop shots, which in that case you should probably find a new hobby.

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