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223 varmint load

I am going to pick up dies for my 223 here soon as I have stocked up a pretty impressive load of spent casings. Who has some favorite loads for practice, coyotes and p-dogs?

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You don't want to go by

You don't want to go by somebodys elses pet load for any rifle.  I had one for my .223 when I had it that quite possibly would cause a lot of problems in your rifle since it was a hot load in mine.  What you need to do is to pick up a couple of reloading manuals and start from there and build up your own safe loads. 

Just remember what is safe in one rifle just may not be in another with some real interesting results when you pull the trigger.

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Safe Loads

Critter wrote:

=Just remember what is safe in one rifle just may not be in another with some real interesting results when you pull the trigger.

This is, of course, excellent advice.  What i do is look at someone's load as a guide to point me in a direction that might lead to a good load for my rifle.  I don't just use their load.  I go to the manual because it is not just the powder that makes the load, but also the brass and bullet.  A certain load with one bullet may be safe, but use a different bullet and you might have pressure problems.  Same with the brass.  So always use the manual and start low and build up watching for any signs of pressure problems.

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Can't recommend a load.

But, I can recommend a bullet. In my 22-250 I shoot the Sierra 55 gr HPBT. Like Sierra's tend to be for most these are hellaciously accurate in my gun. Consistant 1/2 inch 100 yr groups and 2 to 2 1/2 inch at 300. For coyotes that's enough accuracy for me. I've taken turkey, bobcat, coyote, p-dogs, jacks and cottontails, with it and nothing in this class usually moves if hit well. I have a friend who's taken antelope with this bullet from a 250 in a state where it's legal. They can be fairly destructive on the small stuff but if you're not saving hides their flat out deadly on coyotes.

In the 250 I'm cruising around 3400 fps. In your 223 I'd imagine you'd be cruising around 3100 to 3200 fps. which is still plenty of bang for your buck.

I went coyote hunting yesterday but didn't realized the wind was gonna be so gosh darn horrible. Didn't get any yotes to play but did take a little frustration on a P-dog town. This pic is from a shot I took at 130 yards on a dog who just had his head peaking up from his hole. Due to the 20 mph gusts I aimed at the very left side at the bottom of his head since the wind was gusting towards us to the right. DRT.

I use Varget for my 22-250, Win Brass, and CCI large rifle primers, and neck size only. This is what works in my gun. Experiment and as others have said start at minimum loads and work up till you find the sweet spot.

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