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2010 - Year of the "Bust" for me... how was your year?

OK Folks...

2010 was pretty much a bust for me.

I went to a new club with incredibly high expectations and passed on one shooter early on... and never saw another good buck from the stand... that I could get a shot on.

I saw a giant - 140" + - in a bean field one morning while riding... went and got the 7mm-08 and tried to put a stalk on him and could not find him later.

I went to Illinois two times and did not get a shot with the bow or the shotgun. I saw some bucks with the bow and did not shoot - I am going to set a standard... I want a P&Y... if he is not 125", I am not going to shoot.

How was your year????

I know some folks had some great successes - let's hear about them!

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sometimes chicken, sometimes feathers

I always try to keep that old saying in mind, even as I enjoy a big plate of fried chicken. I had a pretty slim season last season, passing on 10-12 small bucks in Kentucky and only filling my doe tag. (I'm re-thinking that mind set!). I only managed one small eight point in Tennessee as well as I really felt the pinch of lost areas for me to hunt.

However, I have been fortunate thus far this season. I saw lots of small bucks throughout Kentucky bow, but never loosed an arrow. I hunted a new area for Tennessee's early M/L season and lucked into a nice 8 point chasing a doe. Nice big body and I'd say a 4 1/2 yr old deer.

My next chance was my first excursion to Indiana for their gun opener and I arrived two days early to look around some. My good Buddy suggested two excellent stands and I chose one of them, a twenty foot ladder stand. I stayed put all day opening day, but only saw two bucks, both before noon time. Neither were big enough for me to drop the hammer after hearing his story of the couple big bucks he'd seen around during bow season.

Day two found me in the same stand and I was rewarded with a huge bodied 11 point that simply made the three other deer it was traveling (chasing) with seem like midgets. My friend was a taxidermist for over 20 yrs and he said he felt the deer was 7 1/2 yrs old and declining rack-wise (135").  Another fella hunting with us also scored on a nice eight point that very same morning.

I got back home four days into Kentucky's gun season (I skipped the opener to hunt Indiana) and decided to take a cull buck there a few days later when I caught him chasing does by my stand. A very healthy 3 1/2 year old, I'm sure, his rack was not what we needed being spread around. An obvious genetic shortcoming, but lots of good venison.

Yesterday started Kentucky's late M/L season, but the weather has been horrible. I'll be out tomorrow, however to try and fill my Kentucky doe tag. I'll probably see the twelve point someone else claims to have seen...lol. But that's Ok, I know I'm only a short ways away from feathers at any time. lol


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I'll second that comment. My

I'll second that comment. My whitetail hunting this year has been down compared to previous years results, but I have had a good couple of years lately. So I can't be too picky or discouraged about this year, although I have shot three does for the freezer and several hogs. I would like to get a mature buck before the first of the year but we'll have to see how work goes and if I have any more opportunities to get out hunting. There's always next year that I can look forward to. I'm thankful it has been a safe and enjoyable hunting season so far.

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2010 a great year


I think as long as you are out there enjoying the outdoors it is truely never a "bust". Congrats to all you guys out there getting it done.

Seeing as I have not had the privledge of hunting the wonderful whitetail I started my own 2010 year review in the Rocky Mountain section.

Congrats to all this year and I hope 2011 is even better for everyone. :thumbsup1:  

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Well, I still have one more

Well, I still have one more deer hunt planned, so we will see.

But, considering I did not hunt ducks or doves this year, and I didn't have any luck with turkeys or deer, I would say it's a bust too.

Come to think of it, the last time I killed ANYTHING was Sept. 1st of 2009, when my Dad and I hunted the dove opener.

Man, am I that bad?????????? Brick Wall

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Two basket eight's so

Two basket eight's so far...But season ant over with yet...Hope to get back to Ga an fill some doe tag's...I've buck'd out up there but Pop's has'nt,he's got one doe so far...Season up there end's Jan 15th...Down here in Fla not so good so far,but this has been my best month in past season's,what i've been do'n here is concentrate'n mainly on wife get'n her wall hanger.It's been so slow here i've been sit'n with her in hope's of be'n there when he step's out.

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a good year!

Thumbs up I take the first legal deer I can, so my season was GREAT!  I was blessed with a 5 point on opening weekend and a doe on Thanksgiving morning.  That fills all my tags except black powder which I haven't even tried to fill yet.  One weekend to go!