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2010 Ontario turkeys

April 27
Made it out to a property this AM that I haven't scouted at all this year and I was not dissapointed. Stayed close to the field in an area I knew they usually roosted, put a single hen decoy out 20 yrds from me in an open area close to the fence and picked my tree. Got settled in and looked to my right and sure enough there was a bird roosted 70 yrds from me. Not a single bird sounded off first thing untill all hell broke loose. The birds must have seen my decoy and started to pitch from the tree's and flying right at me landing anywheres from 15 to 35 yrds out. I had 6 hens and 5 jakes all well within my comfort zone and 2 toms further back in the bush. Told the wife I was gonna take the first legal bird, and that I did.
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Went out Wed. AM to the spot where i shot my jake and try and tag a tom. Birds were tight lipped in that spot, but I did see afew hens and caught a glimpse of the tom struttin deeper in the bush but would not make a sound or show any interest in my calling. Slipped out after abit to do some running and gunning and spotted a bird in one of my spots dancing. Slipped in from the other side of the bush and started to call not seeing or hearing the bird.

Thurs. AM went into another spot to try and fire them up, seeing only a hen. Running and gunning time again after a quick break for breakfest and a timmies. Got to the bush a wanted to try at 10:20 and headed in. After a 10 min. walk and picking my spot, I setup a hen decoy 25 yrds to my left banking that the birds were further to my right in the bush or fields. After afew series of yelping, clucks and cutting I finally got a response and had a bird working. The tom finally showed himself at about 40 yrds or just shy of it and I let the 3 1/2" #6 flight control fly. BOOOOOOM AND A MISS!!!!
Was I ever PI*&ED!!!
Tried another spot late afternoon and seen nothing.

Fri. AM was the MOST PI*&ED OFF days I think i've ever had turkey hunting. Went to the spot where I took my jake again and got him to fire up and he was comming in on a string, 15 more yrds and i would have been letting the lead fly. NOPE!!! SOMEONE else took it upon them selves to TRESPASS and shot the bird right in front of me! I started with the CHOICE words and he got the HECK out of there!
Spot #2 I spot a tom in the field and get setup. It didn't take tomuch convincing to have him start working my way and it was GAME ON. The tom is working up along the bush line to me and AGAIN, BOOOOOOOM!!
2 toms in one morning get shot out from under me, where only me and my dad are suppose to be!
Spot #3 was just a gueesing game. After abit of calling I finally spot a hen cruising the field, and then out of no where 3 jakes show them selves in the field. I watched them heading across when all of a sudden he starts gobblin and a tom shows up trying to chase the jakes off, Some clucks and I had all the birds convinced and my eyes were locked on the tom working into me perfectly, or so I thought. BOOOOOOOOM!!! And the neighbour shoots one of the jakes that were on the property he didn't have permission for, where he was sitting he was OK though. ALL the birds take off running across the field. I go over and give him **** for shooting onto the property just to get told OFF.
This is where I give up, I book it across the field to the other end and give it abit before calling, got a hen fired up and acouple mins later I catch movement in the bush and spot 2 jakes moving in my direction and said SCREW IT!!!!
Jake down and tagged out.
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 Made it out to call for a bud. He spotted birds in a field where he had permission to hunt and gave me a call to see if I would give him a hand by trying to call in his first tom.The birds were about 200 yrds out and slowly working our way untill I gave some sharp clucks and afew purrs and one starts running for us and stops within 7 yrds of his barrel. BOOOOOOM and he had his first tom down.

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Nice pictures and good job

Nice pictures and good job with the hunt. Thanks for sharing