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2010 Mule Deer Hunt

Okay fellas,

Tomorrow I leave for my 2010 mule deer hunt in NM. Like I stated before, it will take place in the Gila Natinal Forest like my previous elk hunt (unsuccesful).

Wish me success and I hope that my next post will include pictures of a nice buck!!! Later... Big smile

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Best of luck to you.  I was

Best of luck to you.  I was really looking forward to your elk report, as that's one of the best places around.  Maybe you'll get a really nice Mule Deer to make up for it.

Just don't get upset if you run into a 380-400 class bull while you're out there......

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Good luck on your hunt!

Funny!  I was just watching an elk hunting show this weekend and one of the hunters was hunting elk in the Gila NF.  This guy was pretty funny!  He actually shaved his head thinking that it would change his luck by letting his guide give him a mohawk.  He did have multiple opportunities at bagging an elk but was holding out on a big boy.  At the end of the show, they filmed him mixing his tag in a big pot of "tag soup". 

The areas that he hunted looked really good! 

I hope your set a state record!

Good luck!!!

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Good luck PRH, knock'em

Good luck PRH, knock'em dead!!!!

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Here is my belated good luck

Here is my belated good luck wish to you. I hope that you get a whopper buck. That would be ironic if you saw a big bull now that the only tag you have in your pocket is for a buck. Did you see any deer while you were on your elk hunt?

Gatorfan -- I did not see the whole video that you are talking about but I did catch the tail end of the show when he was making up that big pot of tag soup. The thing that seemed wierd was that he straight up put his tag in there and stirred it up till it tore into pieces and ate it. I can see putting it in there for a minute and acting like you were actually gonna eat it like that but he really went all out. He ruined a perfectly good pot of soup! I guess that is just the fat kid in me talking. Do you remember what show this was and what channel it was on. Now that I know they were hunting the Gila, I really want to check it out.

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