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My opinion on mounts are

My opinion on mounts are this, You get what you pay for! 650 isnt bad for what looks LIKE a quality mount. Here in Colorado I can also find a cheap mount if look around. But i would probably look like crap. I had a duck mounted once and I refused to pay the guy for the mount because of the HIDEOUSNOUS of the mount. He was cheap by the way. So Alpine I think that you or your brother have a very nice mount and for me was and is worth the price of the quality. NICE BULL!!

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SAWEET!   I remember your



I remember your pics as if it was yesterday! You put the first ones online that night and then came back with the truck pics!Hello

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yes, I too remember that

yes, I too remember that night quite well. It was alot of work getting him off the mountain. I slept pretty well that night lol. Thanks everyone for stopping in.Hello