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2007 British Columbia Moose Hunt - 4 Openings Left

Our fully guided moose hunts start in early September and run until the end of October. Moose hunting in Canada methods include a combination of calling, tree stands, spot and stalk, and by boat. We start at our northern most camp in the fall and work our way south as the season progresses. All seven camps are utilized on a rotation basis to ensure that the wildlife is not over harvested. The moose that we harvest range in size from 45" - 60". These big bulls can weigh as much as 1400 lbs. A typical shot is around 100 yards, and can be as close as 10 yards, which is ideal for bow hunting. Moose hunting is done primarily in the early morning and late evening. During the rut, we can call the moose in for a close shot. If you're wanting to come and hunt moose in Canada, this is the place for you. 10 Day 1x1 Moose hunt $7,000 per hunter. 10 Day 2x1 Moose hunt just $6,000 per hunter .

Drive-in moose hunts are based out of our Driftwood River camp in Northern British Columbia. Whether you want a decent trophy bull or a 2-year-old meat bull, this camp has it. Many times our clients have harvested a bull within the first 3 days of this 8-day moose hunt in Canada. All licenses & fees are in addition to the base price of hunt. Contact RMES for pricing on Drive-in hunts.

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