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2003 Michigan Firearm Deer Season Estimates Announced

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2003 Michigan Firearm Deer Season Estimates Announced

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2003 Michigan Firearm Deer Season Estimates Announced

We took 2 trips to the Upeer Pininsula during the Firearm Deer Season pulling an enlosed trailer along with a cap on our Truck. Both times, we were NOT ask by the toll booth operaters any questions including if we had any Deer. I receieved the same response from everyone I spoke with so HOW can you determine the Numbers in this manner? We also seen no check booths during both trips.

I would also like to add that the number of Doe permits has steadily increased over the years which aids in the increase number of Deer harvested in Michigan. Otsego county would be a good example with unlimited permits a few years ago and still having unlimited permits on private land. The number of Deer harvested during the first year of this unlimited slaughter fest had a big impact on the total number of Deer harvested. If the extra Doe permits were not issued then you would plainly see that there would be a steady decrease in Harvested Deer. Being a store owner I speak with hunders if not thousands of Hunters and NOT one said he has seen more Deer than the previous years as a matter of fact the response has been the opposite.

I'm sure the DNR is patting themselves on the back for being able to say the harvest was better because of the increase number of Doe permits.

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