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20 Guage for bear

My wife has a 20 ga that she really likes and can shoot well, she has killed several deer and a few large wild boar with it with no problems, she is coming to Canada on a spring hunt this year and wants to use it, I know she can put the slug where it needs to go do you guys think this is enough gun?

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20 Guage for bear


The above linkVERY important, if not already aware.

A 20 ga slug is a 350 gr bullet however I would still prefer a rifle bulet of at least 170 grains.. 30.30 fo example.

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20 Guage for bear

like i said good shot placement and no problem it will leave a big hole as long as you dont hit right in the shoulder bone, seen and heard that alot get away when hit in the shoulder. i have seen shotguns leave mighty holes.

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20 Guage for bear

I would not think twice about using a 20 guage with slugs from a bait site. If she can shoot it without any problems and takes a broadside double lung shot the bear should not go far.

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20 Guage for bear

I vote no on a 20 gauge. It is too easy to waiver when you aim at the ribs and hit the shoulder. (How cool, calm and collected will she be when facing a big bear. What if a 500 pounder shows up?) The slug may not have enough penetration to go through the shoulder and then you have a lost animal.

If you go with the 20 gauge, get some premium ammo and not the old-style soft lead slug.

Just an opinion, but I hate wounding animals.

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