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1,800 Square Miles For Your Own Hunting Preserve!!

Don't Pay Big Bucks for a Recreational Hunting and Fishing Property when all you want are the big bucks (or other species) on the property.
Recreational Ownership Investments, Inc. or ROI, offers sportsman a chance to maximize the return on their recreation investment. Don't pay to lease your outdoor recreation or spend a huge sum to buy a small piece of land when all you want is the recreation rights. Own vs. Lease and get the most for your investment. We are offering a very special first listing for serious sportsmen looking to own their recreation. This represents an unbelievable value! Recreation rights to many more properties will be available soon. As more areas are added, ownership shareholders will be able to trade trips/hunts and useage of these properties all across North America.
GET THE RECREATION RIGHTS TO 1,800 SQUARE MILES, OR ALMOST 1.2 Million Acres!!! Big smile This is a virgin wilderness area in Northern British Columbia with World Class Hunting and Fishing. Hunting for Trophy Moose, Grizzly and Black Bears, Mountain Goats, Mountain Caribou, and Wolf. World Class fishing with more than a dozen large lakes, and hundreds of miles of stream fishing for lake trout, Dolly Varden, Rainbow Trout and Grayling.
Only 10 ownership shares of the recreation rights to this huge area will be sold. The cost per share is $80,000 plus an annual maintenance fee of $17,500. The first buyers get the first chance to pick the date for their spring or fall grizzly bear hunt! These ownership shares can be sold and should increase in value over time. Your ownership share includes:
Annual Useage Allocation Annual Value
2 spring black bear hunts/tags $6,000
1 fall black bear hunt/tag $3,000
1 fall mountain goat hunt/tag $5,400
1.5 moose hunts/tags per year $8,700
1 grizzly hunt/tag per 5 years $2,600
2 Mountain Caribou hunts/tags $8,000
Unlimited Wolf Harvest $ 250
Own personal cabin with unlimited $10,000
useage and unlimited fishing from
May 15 - Oct 15 each year.
Can build/modify existing cabin for an
additional fee. With onsite
caretaker/concierge service available
All hunts are guided 2:1 or 1:1 depending
on availability can upgrade to automatic
1:1 guided hunt for $1,500 per week.
Total Annual Value $43,950

A SAVINGS OF MORE THAN $250% Yes of the standard retail hunt fees listed, which are very reasonable and less than you would expect to pay for most hunts of this quality!!

Hunting can be done at your pace, your schedule. Dates of hunts
will generally be from early September through mid-October.
A certain number of days will be allocated for each hunt, generally
7 days per hunt. You can take advantage of all the hunts yourself, distribute them to your employees, clients, relatives etc., or sell the hunts/tags to anyone you would like. You can also trade or sell your allocation of hunts with other ownership share owners. It's up to you but you have the right to do with these hunts and tags as you please each year. You could simply buy this share and sell these hunts for a profit each year if you would like. Learn the area and hunt with the same guides every year to improve your success rates and quality of animals harvested. Buy one share or buy them all.

Also - A Stone Sheep Tag allocation in this area may be possible. If just 1 Stone Sheep tag per year become available, would be able to get 1 Stone Sheep hunt per 10 years, another $2,500 per year value!! There are some bigstone sheep here just a matter of getting an allocation from the Ministry of Environment, but the sheep are there. Elk are also expanding north into this
area of British Columbia, at some point in the future there could be a huntable
population of elk here as well.

What's not included is tags & transportation. Also expected tip guides 10% of retail hunt fees for good services. Call 720-519-9662 or send an email to [email protected] for more information. Serious inquiries only please.

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