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12 gauge ShotGun reloading

I have recently purchased a 12 guage reloading kit for a whole $25, what a deal uh? I received the press, a 20 lbs bag of #7 shot (i think), some powder and a bunch of empty shells.

I was wonding if anyone could recomend a good teaching book or video, so that I could learn how to load my own shells?

Thanks ~


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12 gauge ShotGun reloading

What reloader did you get. Maybe I can help. I learned to reload shotgun from an "old-timer" and he was a wealth of knowledge. Shotgun is not that hard to load for, certainly not as picky as rifle reloading. As for books and videos specifically on shotgun reloading, I'm sure they make them but I have not see any. You can get your recipes from the powder sites which also have a lot of info. The website for your reloader will have info. as well.

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12 gauge ShotGun reloading

I would find a manual of the manufacturer of the powder I am using.
Any of the manuals will give clear and specific, detailed steps to loading. Follow them to the letter. It isn't difficult.
If you get on line to the manufacturer of the powder. They would probably be very wiling to help out.
Good will.

That was a good deal you ran into.

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good deal

good deal indeed.  Not in 2005, but if anyone is looking for how to guides TODAY - Youtube is actually a pretty good source for almost anything that you want to see.  If you have any specific questions this site is a good place to ask them though.  Be safe and when in doubt - STOP and find out for sure while you are learning.

There are a lot of good manuals out there too.  Almost any one will do.  If you still have questions - stay tuned - I'm submittiong a few tips on shotgun basics this month.


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I do not reload for the 12

I do not reload for the 12 gauge but for my 10 gauge.  When I got started I used the Lyman Shotshell reloading Handbook, I am not sure if version #6 is out yet but I have #5.  Alot of great info in there along with all different sort of recipes from lean to steel.  Also has all gauges in there so it is a pretty good and universl book.  Shotshell reloading is not as precise as metallic reloading atleast I do not think so.  Shotshell reloading just takes abit more time.  I love shooting geese with my reloads...they are lethal!!

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