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10% skill 90% luck

Thanks for all the input leading up to our hunt alot of info I read and some you all gave helped us have a great hunt.

We all believe a kill on State land , in West Elk Wilderness is 10% skill and 90% luck the 2nd season.
The right place at the right time. I have never hunted so hard in all my life and loved every minute of it, and my son slept in , got sick a little layed low and had the golden feather some would say.
My son got his first elk ever 5x5 and being dad I can say its nice his trophys are mine also.
He also got a coyote and wounded a bear which we never found.
We all had a great time out of 6 guys 1 bull and 1 swing and miss on a smaller bull and a couple cows spotted at real long distances.
Looking at applying for muzzle loader or archery next time earlier season.

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10% skill 90% luck

Congrats!!!! Thumbs up

Was way cool following your posts through your planning stages until SUCCESS!

Meat for the beasts!

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10% skill 90% luck

Congrats! DIY public land elk is a great accomplishment, it's something i have yet to accomplish in 5 years of huntin the dang things. so congrats on a nice bull and a fun hunt!! Thumbs up

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