FAQ and Rules

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Welcome to BigGameHunt! Your ultimate hunting resource.

Do I have to register?
No, you do not have to register to view the content on BigGameHunt, however you'll be missing out on many great FREE features!

What can I do on the BigGameHunt web site?
You can create and upload your own photo galleries, submit your hunting stories, favorite hunting tips and much more. You can add your comments to anything from the forums, news, articles, cartoons, etc., but only if you register and login.

If I register, how will you use my email address and personal information?
We take user privacy issues very seriously. We do not share, rent or sell any personal information that you submit to BigGameHunt. We do send out a monthly newsletter, that you are not obligated to receive. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more detailed information, please visit our privacy policy webpage. Feel free to contact BigGameHunt with any questions or concerns you may have.

Are there any rules?
Yes, we do have a few rules. BigGameHunt is a great place to learn and share. We welcome any hunter to contribute to and join our community. In an effort to make our web site a fun and enjoyable experience for all, we require that the following simple rules be obeyed as a required condition to using this web site's community features.

    This includes but is not limited to posting links, photos that include business names, or text with the intent to:
    - Increase traffic to your web site.
    - Sell or promote a product, service or web site.
    - Username may not be a business name.
    - No business names or logos in avatars.
    - Members may not use this Web site to recruit members for other Web sites or advertise products or services of any kind.
    - All events, announcements, shows, etc., must be posted in the Classified Ad section of the Forums under "Events, Shows and Announcements."
    - NOTE: Current sponsors and advertisers are exempt from the "no advertising" rule and may post ads in the appropriate areas that include links to their sites as well as links in their signatures. For more information on how to advertise on BGH, please visit the BigGameHunt.net advertising information page.
    - You may however post links and any business related information in your personal profile area.

    If you wish to share your products or services with BigGameHunt.net readers, please use our FREE classified section in the hunting forums. Any advertising posts in inappropriate areas will be deleted.

    If you post a link to your web site or item in your classified ad, a link from your website to www.BigGameHunt.net is required.

    We have zero tolerance for spamming.
  3. LINKS.
    You may NOT post a link/URL to your web site in your signature or Forum post. This includes links to your blog, other hunting sites, business sites, etc. Only advertisers and/or sponsors may include links to their business sites within their posts.
    - Posts breaking this rule will be deleted.
    - If you wish to advertise on BigGameHunt.net please review our advertising information page. We offer ad rates starting at $199/per year.
    - You may include a link/URL to your web site in your user profile.
    - Members may post links to other sites as it relates to the conversation and in compliance with all other posting guidelines.
    This includes but is not limited to:
    - Excessive posting at a particular user or on a particular topic (flame wars).
    - Using disrespectful, obscene, abusive, hateful, or foul language.
    - Arguing with a moderator (if you have questions/complaints about moderation please contact us).
    Do not post copyrighted material you do not have permission to use.
    News items, articles, reviews, stories, etc., are for discussing the item in question. If you would like to discuss something else or with one particular individual, please start a new topic.
    Like many things in life, people will be more willing to help you with your questions or respond to your posts, if you contribute to theirs. Share the knowledge that you have and BigGameHunt members will respond in kind.

All posts and comments are owned by the poster. BigGameHunt.net is not responsible for posts or comments by users and reserves the right to edit and/or delete posts at any time for any reason without notice. Failure to modify or delete a post does not signify endorsement by BigGameHunt.net. These rules are subject to change at any time without notice.