October 2010

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This one reminds me of a

This one reminds me of a joke: These two guys go duck hunting and the one has a new dog that he really wants to show off to his buddy. When the first duck comes down, the dog leaps out of the blind, runs across the water and grabs the duck. He spins around without stopping and runs back across the water to the blind and sits down, holding the duck before his master.

The dog's owner takes the duck and beams as he looks at his buddy for approval. But the guy seems to be unimpressed. The day goes on, and the hunters both bag their limits of ducks. Every time, the dog performs beautifully, scampering across the water and making perfect retrieves.

At the end of the day as they are driving back home, the dog owner finally can't take the silence anymore. He turns to his buddy and says, "Well, don't you have anything to say about the dog?" "Well", said his friend, "I wasn't going to mention it, but your dog can't swim a stroke, can he?"