January 2011

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That is a very good

That is a very good cartoon...looks like a caribou might get his was with this guy.

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Oh, OW! How many people have

Oh, OW! How many people have ever touched their tongue to a cold pipe in the winter time? Now really - how many have actually done it?

Well, I did - - once! I was about 13 years old and had always heard about how your tongue would "stick" to a cold pipe, but always sort of wondered if it was really true. One winter I was behind our house flooding our ice skating rink and was leaning against the house. There was an iron pipe on the side of the house, and I decided to try it - very carefully, of course. I carefully touched just the tip of my tongue to the pipe - and sure enough, it stuck. I quickly pulled back and pulled the skin off the tip of my tongue!

Like I said, I only did it once!