December 2010

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GooseHunter Jr's picture

I have never forgotten my

I have never forgotten my amoo before but when I leave camp somtimes I feel just like that guy with the heavy pack and its my asking if I think I need all that...the answer is I hoope not but just in case.

jaybe's picture

Bob needs to learn the mantra

Bob needs to learn the mantra that one of my hunting buddies uses before leaving for the hunting grounds. It goes like this: "License, Gun, Ammo - everything else, you can do without." When you stop and think about it, it's really true. You should have a knife, but you don't really need it to hunt. Think of anything else, and you realize that with your game tag, weapon and ammo, you can hunt.

The same goes for when we go fishing, "License, Rod, Bait - everything else you can do without." Bob has lots of stuff, but you need the right stuff for a successful hunt.