Uncertainty in Changing Conditions

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So, I’ve gathered an extensive network of brother hunters all over the country. From Alaska, down the west coast- all of the way to the east coast. And yes, even Texas. One common theme that I have found while discussing our plans about this year is the lack of game on our trail cameras, the lack of game we see in our scouting efforts and the lack of sign we see in places we should be seeing sign.

All over the western states, hunters are failing to see game. We are failing to find our trophies and honestly, it’s kind of concerning when you invest thousands of dollars into tags, gear and fuel for your hobby. Where is our game going? Should we panic? Should we feel defeated and curse our luck?

Today, I rode my horse through what we call a corn field, here in Kansas. And even though I see no deer, no tracks and no real cover; I found maybe close to 100 deer living in an 80 acre field. Now, don’t be mistaken, there’s no magical trick for finding game, nor do I propose to introduce any tricks for finding your quarry this year, short of brush busting on horseback.

Instead, as hunters, we have to realize that some years are just tough to hunt. And some years you should just be happy to fill a tag instead of finding your local toad. All I can say is that I’ll be happy with the bounty that God gifts me with, even if it’s just some does for the freezer. On a tough hunt, in a tough climate in a tough year, we should remember to be happy with finding anything. Remember to enjoy yourselves, and while you’re at it, remember to take your kids this time!

Today, I remembered why I hunt. I hoped to share that with everyone, so that you can remember why you hunt. Ultimately, i hope remembering will rejuvenate your passion for the purity of our sport. The same passion that i felt while hunting in the Copper Mtns in Wyoming, seen in the picture. I haven't worked that hard for nothing in a long time, yet I couldn't have been happier to be there.

For me, deer season opens in two weeks. You’ll all hear and see what happens from there on! And with a much more appreciative outlook, you may find lots of stories about cows and does.


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