Freedom Munitions Gear Review

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After having to wait through nearly the entire summer just to be able to use a fire arm out of doors, Kansas was hit with a cold front, and although I nearly had to put on a parka to hold up to the frigid 88 degrees it was outside (as opposed to the 110 degrees we’ve had), I used this opportunity to my advantage and spent some range-time with some ammunition produced by Freedom Munitions. Not only did I take this ammo to the range and try it out, being an avid reloader, I took a random sampling of rounds from each caliber and pulled the bullets to measure the cases and powder charge. The results of this little experiment were none short of impressive. Out of 5 rounds of .308 win, each case measured an almost identical weight and even more impressively, each powder charge was perfectly identical as measured on my Lyman balance beam. The results for 40 S&W were equivalent to the accuracy of the .308 rounds as well. Initially, I was not fully committed as a believer in remanufactured ammunitions or custom loaders, figuring that they were probably just an inexpensive way of getting some trigger time in. It may be needless to say, but now I am truly a believer in Freedom Munitions. The .308 loaded with a 168 gr A-max bullet kept ¾” groups at 100 yards. Which is fantastic! Even the most scrutinizing of shooters would be more than pleased with groups like this. The best part is that Freedom Munitions charges roughly half of retail price for their ammo… For under $20 a box, This stuff get more appealing by the second! I also tried some of their pistol ammo. I shot 180 gr hollow points out of a Kimber 40 S&W. No one reading this needs to know what kind of groups I shot. We’ll just leave it at the fact that I’m sufficiently more capable with a rifle in my hands and that shooting a pistol is a skill I have yet to master. I will note that I had a terrible amount of fun and it helps to be able to laugh at myself. There were no misfires, or misfed rounds in the 60 rounds I fired. The gun and ammunition performed flawlessly… me on the other hand, we’ll just say that I won’t be winning any trophies in the near future. Freedom Munitions… not only a great for the price, but quality exceeding much larger manufacturers!