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Vanguard Pro B62 Bipod Review

Vanguard is best known for making tripods and hard cases for the photography and video market. Thirteen years ago, they took that design expertise and jumped into the hunting market with bow and gun cases, followed by shooting sticks. Given their background in tripods, Vanguard is now producing a line of bipods or shooting sticks as they are sometimes known.

The Pro B62 is what you would expect, if you brought together a group of tripod engineers and asked them to design a good shooting stick. In other words the bipod packs in quite a few nice features that are not normally a part of a bipod.

Bohning Blazer Shrink Fletch Review

Recently Bohning teamed up with Extreme Archery to produce a line of their very popular two inch Blazer vanes in a heat set fletching. Since being introduced four years ago the heat set fletching market has been steadily growing. The ability to quickly fletch bare shafts or re-fletch some ragged vanes is appealing to a lot of archers experienced or new to the sport.

The basic idea behind heat set fletching is a shrink wrap tubing when heated tightly wraps and binds to whatever its wrapped around. Heat set shrink wrap is nothing new and has been around for many decades. However applying it to archery fletching in a consistent manner is new and catching on.

Burris Fullfield E1 Rifle Scope Review

A popular hunting rifle scope over the years has been Burris' Fullfield II series of rifle scopes. For 2011, Burris, based in Greeley Colorado, has made significant upgrades to the Fullfield II scope line. This review will take a look at the new E1 in a 3x-9x-40mm scope and compare it to the standard Fullfield II.

Currently Burris is offering the new E1 series in four power combinations: 2x-7x-35mm, 3x-9x-40mm, 3x-9x-50mm, and 4.5x-14x-42mm. This covers nearly all of the power variations available in the standard Fullfield II except it leaves out the 6.5x-20x-50mm.

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