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Smith & Wesson 629 3" Barrel 44 Magnum Revolver Review

Over the summer we took a look at the Smith and Wesson 329PD and while this is a great revolver for backcountry packing due to its light weight, the recoil is brutal. For this review we'll take a look at the S&W 629 with a 3" barrel in 44 Magnum in the hopes of retaining the versatility of the 44 Magnum cartridge while dialing down the recoil a bit.

Tru-Fire Hurricane Buckle Foldback Bow Release Review

In a previous blog we took a look at the Tru-Fire Patriot series of releases with good results. While the Patriot is a great release for the money if you're willing to step it up a bit Tru-Fire offers a variety of higher end bow releases. One of Tru-Fire's nicer releases is the Hurricane which is offered in a variety of configurations. For this review we'll take a look at the Hurricane Buckle Foldback release.

If you get tired of having your release head get in the way of using your hand when you're trying to do something other than draw back a bow, the foldback release style is worth trying. The foldback head allows for the trigger mechanism to rotate on a ring that locks it back against your forearm when not in use. Deploying the release is as simple as folding it back into position and you're ready to shoot. The foldback feature is handy and makes for wearing a release constantly while afield a more enjoyable experience.

Manzella Hunting Glove Review

With winter here and the temperature continuing to drop; it's time to bring out the gloves. Manzella of Buffalo New York specializes in only producing gloves for those that spend time outdoors. More importantly, for a few years now, Manzella has been producing a line of gloves that are specifically designed with hunters in mind. While Manzella's glove line up is extensive, we'll be taking a look at a few of their more specialized glove offerings.

Bear Archery Legion Ready-to-Hunt (RTH) Bow Review

2012 is a revamping year for Bear Archery, not only have they added a new flagship bow (the Anarchy which we have previously reviewed), but they have updated all of their entry level bows. Previously we reviewed and liked the Bear Charge, so we thought we'd take a look at the new 2012 Bear Legion ready-to-hunt (RTH) package bow.

The idea of RTH is that a hunter should be able to purchase the bow ready to go and with a minimal amount of extra expenditure go out and start shooting. To this end Bear's RTH packages come with all the accessories necessary to get a bow hunter up and running quickly. The RTH accessories have been updated for 2012 and there are some changes over the previous package offerings.

Tru-Fire Patriot Bow Release Review

For modern compound bows with a short axle-to-axle distance a bow release is critical for consistent accuracy. Fortunately there is a broad array of release choices from simple to complex and from purely target shooting to hunting only. For this review we'll be taking a look at the Patriot and Patriot JR, which are entry level bow releases manufactured by Tru-Fire of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Sims LimbSaver Kodiak Rifle Sling Review

Rifle slings are one of those pieces of hunting equipment that often get overlooked. However an inadequate sling becomes readily apparent within just a few hours of packing around. Fortunately there are many options for outfitting a rifle with a new sling and this year LimbSaver added its new Kodiak sling series to the mix.

Like most LimbSaver products, the company has introduced a few new twists with releasing the Kodiak sling. First the sling has a rubberized "NAVCOM" grip that appears to be made of the same soft pliable material that their other firearms and archery products are made of. The grip and the siding of the sling are soft and conform well to the shoulder and hand while holding the sling. The NAVCOM grip also serves as a good "control point" to always have a hold on the rifle while packing on unstable terrain.

Caldwell E-Max Electronic Earmuff Review

Most shooters have spent hours at the shooting range plinking away with various rifles while wearing foam ear plugs. Foam ear plugs are a great, cost effective way to protect your hearing when shooting. The only downside is that they block noise very well and are a pain to remove and replace, especially when just trying to discuss a target or how a gun is shooting. Traditional earmuffs are also an excellent way to block sound but again, they can be a bit cumbersome when trying to hold a conversation in between shots. Caldwell Shooting Supplies has come up with a solution with their line of E-Max electronic earmuffs.

Shooters Ridge Rock Mount Bipod Review

Shooters Ridge makes a variety of accessories for shooting enthusiasts and hunters. Among their long lineup of accessories is a series of bipods that attach to the swivel stud on the forend of any rifle with a rounded stock. For this review we'll take a look at the Rock Mount bipod in 9"-13" adjustable height.

The Rock Mount line of bipods offers pivoting and non-pivoting models. Pivoting means that the bipod can swivel along the axis of the barrel, not from side to side. As we've noted in other bipod reviews (link to vanguard bipod review), being able to pivot or swivel along the axis of the bore allows the shooter to level out the reticle when taking a long shot on an uneven surface. Shooters Ridge offers four different bipods in various heights: 6"-9" (best for bench work), 9"-13" (best for prone shooting), 13.5"-23" (best for kneeling/seated shooting), and 14.5"-29" (for those that just want a taller bipod). All of these lengths are available in either a pivoting model or non-pivoting. Our review model is a non-pivoting 9"-13" model number 40853.

Redfield Revolution Rifle Scope Review

The Redfield brand has a long history with the North American hunter. The Redfield Gun Sight Company produced a variety of rifle scopes for the American sportsman until its closing in 1998. Today its not unusual to see hunters in the field still using various Redfield scopes produced in the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Leupold and Stevens purchased the right to the Redfield brand and intellectual property in 2008 and began producing new Redfield scopes a few years ago. For this review we will be taking a look at the Redfield Revolution 4-12x40mm scope with Accu-Range reticle.

Crooked Horn Bino System Review

Binoculars are as much a part of hunting as hiking boots and a skinning knife; few hunters leave home without them. Nearly all manufacturers of binoculars will include a neckstrap, either fancy or plain, with the purchase of a new set of binoculars. Neckstraps are a great way to carry binos for a short while on scouting trips; but spend a day hiking with heavy bouncing binos on your chest or stomach. After a few hours of bouncing binos, you'll quickly start packing the binos away where they are least accessible when you happen to jump game a few hundred yards away when coming around a ridge.

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