TruGlo Versa Bow Peep Review

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The peep sight has become an almost universal accessory on modern compound bows, spawning a myriad of designs on the market today. However a common denominator among all of the current peeps is that they require you to pick a fixed peep aperture. TruGlo is changing up how hunters think about their peep with the introduction of the new Versa Peep for 2012.

The Versa Peep is a standard 1/4" aperture milled aluminum tubeless peep that at first glance is no different than those offered by other manufacturers on the market. Where it departs from a common design is that the Versa Peep has been milled to accept a variety of different rubberized apertures in your choice of red, green, or black.

The TruGlo Versa Peep.

This means the Versa peep can be a 1/4", 1/8", 5/32", or 3/16" peep all in one, thus avoiding the need to remove and serve in a new peep if after shooting for a while you discover that you could use a smaller or larger peep diameter.

The Versa Peep has a total of four aperture sizes.

The Versa Peep comes with a small hard plastic tool and instructions that help to push in and out the various peep sizes. The only trick with removing and installing a new peep aperture is make sure you get the rubberized flanges cleanly installed around the outer rim of the aluminum peep housing. The removal and install process is simple and if the rubberized peep is installed correctly it stays put inside the housing while firing.

The rubber apertures are flanged and each flange must be installed around the
inner rim of the peep in order to keep it from popping out while shooting.

The Versa Peep comes with a small tool for pushing in and out the various aperture sizes.

Since we are talking about peeps it's worth noting that you should never fire a bow with a peep that has not been served in. Without properly serving, the peep is likely to dislodge under fire and possibly flip back and hit the shooter in the eye. Because of the possibility, TruGlo (like other peep manufacturers) recommend wearing safety glasses while adjusting and serving in a new peep.

The only downside to the Versa Peep is that it's a tubeless design and thus may require more bow string tweaking to keep it perfectly aligned without reducing the sight picture. Tubed peeps tend to stay aligned and don't need much tweaking. On the other hand the tweaking is a relatively minor issue especially if you have one bow that you use for bow hunting and target shooting. The quick change peep aperture allows a shooter to pick a larger diameter while hunting and then switch back to a smaller peep when doing a weekend 3D or tournament shoot. The utility of the Versa Peep is worth considering the next time you're tweaking or changing out your peep sight.

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