TruGlo Micro-Brite Sight Review

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TruGlo is known for a lineup of sights for bows, handguns, and rifles for hunters and shooters. Recently TruGlo released a new sight called the Micro-Brite that uses their new pin setup called Decreasing Diameter Pin (DDP). The idea behind DDP is pretty simple, mix up the current standard pin sizes and line them up according to the distance to the target.

DDP is a simple idea that helps improve those longer shots. Our review model has five pins with the top pin being 0.029", the middle two being 0.019", and the bottom two pins being 0.01" in diameter. The idea is that the larger pin can be used for closer shots while gradually longer shots use a smaller pin diameter so it doesn't cover up the target as much as a larger pin would.

Each piece of fiber optic in the pin is wrapped around the sight ring and maintains good brightness even under lower light conditions. As an added bonus the sight also include a removable micro light that brightens up the pins considerably. Before using a light on your sight, be sure to check local laws, some states do not allow the use of battery operated lights. However even if your state doesn't allow the use of lights, it still helps with low light practice. The sight ring is also coated with a glow in the dark material that improves sighting in low light.

Low light view of the pins with the included micro-light on.

The front of the sight has a "window" that allows light into the wrapped fiber which brightens the pins.

Our review model is also micro adjustable without tools. Simply twist the lock down lever for either windage or elevation, make a few click adjustments, then lock down the sight again. The tool-less design makes adjusting the sight a snap when out in the field. The Micro-Brite series can fit either a left handed or right handed shooter out of the box. Flipping the mounting bracket and parts of the sight allow it to accommodate either shooter.

The sight is tool-less micro adjustable. Simply unlock the black levers
and then adjust for windage or elevation in click increments.

The TruGlo Micro-Brite works for left or right hand bows.

The Micro-Brite series comes in APG HD camouflage with what TruGlo calls a "Tru-Touch" coating. The coating gives the sight a touch something like Browning's Dura-Touch rifle stocks. For most, Tru-Touch won't be much of an issue though, because few folks spend much time touching their sight after its setup.

At a $120 street price the Micro-Brite review model is toward the high end of the TruGlo lineup of sights. Unfortunately DDP is not offered on any of the other TruGlo models at this time, so if you like the idea of going DDP your options are limited to the Micro-Brite. However by adding the removable light and tool-less adjustment, it makes for an overall good value within this price range.

View down the sight.

For more information visit TruGlo.


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Great sight. This is actually

Great sight. This is actually the one I have on my bow currently. I really like it and it works very well. I like the pins and how they get smaller as you go down. It really help the sight picture at longer distances. I also like the tooless adjustments. It's light weight and very very bright. This is a sight I would recomend for anyone looking for a good inexpenssive sight. There are better ones out there in the market but for the money this one is a steal. It did get some bad reviews when I was researching new sights for the pins being the same color but for me I'm compinate enough to know what pin is what distance. So for me it isn't an issue. Like I said this is a great sight and I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Great review.