Truglo Loc-Dwn Bow Quiver Review

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While Truglo is perhaps best known for their variety of after-market fiber optic bow and pistol sights, Truglo also makes a variety of archery accessories from stabilizers to bow releases. For this review we'll be taking a closer look at Truglo's entry level "Lock Down" four arrow bow quiver.

It used to be that a bow quiver, if one was used at all, was virtually permanently attached to the compound bow, much like the sight. However as the bow market has evolved it's become more common for bow hunters to have a primary bow as well as a backup bow in case something should go wrong with your primary bow in the heat of the bow season. In order to avoid duplication it's handy to have a quiver that can be moved between bows quickly and easily.

The four arrow Loc-Dwn quiver.

The Truglo "Loc-Dwn" is installed via a mounting attachment that fixes itself with two screws to the mounting bracket on your bow sight. Truglo also includes a couple of mounting spacers to move the quiver bracket off the sight aways if necessary. The Loc-Dwn then rotates and snaps into the mounting bracket. To remove it you simply rotate it with some force and it snaps out. Now it's possible to quickly move the quiver between bows (by purchasing an additional mounting bracket) or simply removing the quiver when storing it in a compact bow case.

The mounting bracket almost "locked down" on the quiver.

The mounting bracket that the quiver rotates and snaps into.

There are a variety of mounting points on the back of quiver.

The Loc-Dwn is a standard four arrow quiver that can hold carbon shaft arrows or thicker aluminum shaft arrows. The hood portion that covers the arrow tips has a molded in rubber insert so that the tips of the broadheads are held by rubber. This makes it quick to snap out an arrow and also keeps it quiet when subject to vibration.

The hood of the Loc Dwn is made of a rubberized composite.

The inside of hood is also made of a stiff rubber that holds each of the four broadheads or field points.

Truglo makes the Loc-Dwn in a wide variety of colors to match your particular bow. From simple black to Realtree APG to Matthews Lost Camo there are a variety of colors to choose from. Oddly though it appears that a more western camo pattern such as Mossy Oak Brush or Realtree Max-1 is absent from the lineup.

With a street price around $30-$35 the Loc-Dwn is an affordable and convenient quiver if you own multiple bows and like to move your quiver between bows. The additional mounting bracket costs around $8 so a two bow setup will be less than $50 total. If you're in the market for a new quiver the Loc-Dwn is worth a look the next time you're at your local archery pro shop.

For more information visit TruGlo.