Trophy Ridge Revolution Arrow Rest Review

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Trophy Ridge is known for a variety of arrow rests from the DropZone to the ever popular Whisker Biscuit line of rests. Earlier this year we had the opportunity to see a pre-release version of Trophy Ridge's new rest called the Revolution. The early version looked very promising offering full containment of the arrow like a Whisker Biscuit, but snapping away from the arrow at the last moment to allow full clearance of the arrow vanes. Recently we were able to finally get our hands on a retail version to review.

The Revolution is set up like most other drop away rests and is relatively easy to install on a bow. The detailed instructions explain precisely how to install the rest. Be sure to pull the trigger rope down an extra quarter inch as instructed, since this keeps the arrow level at full draw, without the extra rope pulled out the arrow cants slightly downward, which which will negatively impact accuracy and may not trigger the rest. Instead of using the traditional tie in method with the trigger rope, we simply used a Trophy Ridge ball clamp. The steel ball clamps are a handy way to quickly tie down and adjust a drop away rest. Be sure to only use the clamp below the bow string cross over point otherwise it may cut into the string.

While the Revolution is designed to work with many different bows, it may not work on all bows, particularly those with a very thick riser or one where the arrow shelf sticks out toward the rear of the bow beyond the riser. The Revolution is adjustable for windage, elevation, and can be slid away from and closer to the arrow shelf with the supplied screws. In fact Trophy Ridge recommends mounting the Revolution as close as possible to the arrow shelf to give the rest maximum time to rotate away from the vanes. We mounted the Revolution on a Bear Archery Charge and were ready to go within 15 minutes.

The Revolution in closed mode.

The Revolution in open mode after an arrow is fired.
Notice that the rest is adjustable for windage based by loosening the clamp ring.

The complete setup is much like any other drop away. We used a ball clamp to secure the trigger string.

Rear view of the rest. Notice that the rest can be slid in and out and up and down for further adjustment.

When first viewing the Revolution its hard to believe that it will quickly snap out of the way; however it worked as advertised. The Revolution does not accidentally trigger when safely letting down from full draw, but it is still sensitive enough to quickly trigger when the arrow is released. Its a clever design that many will find useful since it completely contains the arrow, but doesn't tear up the vanes like some other captured rests can. Trophy Ridge has posted a slow motion video of the rest in action.

The only trick with the Revolution is to learn to nock an arrow then "cock" the rest around the arrow shaft by pushing up with your thumb that is gripping the bow. It takes a little getting used to but with practice can become fairly quick.

With a street price of around $50 the Revolution is an attractive buy for those that like to use a captured style of rest. The Revolution is easy to set up, easy to tune, and many will appreciate its relatively low price.

Sighting down the rest.

Revolution loaded with an arrow at rest.

Revolution loaded with an arrow at full draw. Notice that at full draw the arrow levels out and the
rear capture arm does not touch the arrow. It's important to adjust the trigger rope about a quarter
inch to get a perfect level at full draw.

For more information about the Trophy Ridge Revolution arrow rest visit


ivarforkbeard's picture

I have this rest on my bow

I have this rest on my bow and it works like a charm. I've shot arrows up to 313 fps and had no contact issues at all. From what I can tell it's every bit as good as rests costing twice as much and then some. Easy set up. Great accuracy. Never robin hooded before this rest then twice within an hour at 30 yrds after tuning my bow with this rest. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.

GooseHunter Jr's picture

I am a real big fan of the

I am a real big fan of the Trophy Ridge Prodicts and that looks like a really good idea for a good drop away rest.  The only thing I really do not like ishow far is sit back from the reiser shelf....may get caught on some stuff as we walk thru the timber and brush.  Other than that it really looks like it gets out of the away quickly and it fully caputures the arrow so you should not have any issues with the arrow falling off the rest.  Will be curious to hear from anyonme that used one yet.