Trophy Ridge Fire Wire V5 Bow Sight Review

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Trophy Ridge is perhaps best known for their line of archery sights which has grown considerably over the years. For this review we are going to take a look at Trophy Ridge's Fire Wire series of bow sights which offers a unique setup over most archery sights.

The Fire Wire series of sights is offered in both 3 pin and 5 pin variations and for this review we examined the "V5" five pin sight.

The Fire Wire series offers a foot and half of wrapped fiber per pin. The fiber itself is coiled around the outside of the sight housing ring and is protected by a clear acrylic plastic cover. The length of the fibers and the placement on the sight make for a bright sight pin even in low light.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Fire Wire is that it uses Trophy Ridge's ViPIN technology. This system anchors the pins to the bottom of the sight ring rather than to the horizontal side of the sight. This is a fairly unique setup and it offers some clear advantages.

First this opens up the horizontal field of view. For a traditional sight the pins tend to block the right hand field of view especially at longer distances (or the left hand field of view if you shoot a left-handed bow). While the vertical pin setup does block the view below the pin, most times this is not as important as being able to see what is just to the side of the pin.

Trophy Ridge Fire Wire V5 Sight

The second advantage is that Trophy Ridge has made each of the pins individually micro-adjustable for elevation. This means a shooter no longer has to lock and unlock a single pin or move around a group of pins to align just one pin. To adjust a single pin simply insert an allen wrench, turn it to the desired setting and then start shooting again, the pin does not have a lock. Each pin is also vertically hashed to give a visual clue to how far up or down it has been moved by rotating the allen wrench.

The Fire Wire pins are attached vertically. Notice the three white hash marks on the front pin.
Each pin is hashed giving a visual metric to gauge how far the pin has been moved up or down.

Each pin can be moved up or down individually by adjusting the pin screw on the bottom of the sight.

The Fire Wire also comes with a sight level and the sight ring is painted with white glow-in-the-dark paint. The glowing ring makes it easier to pick up the sight under low light conditions. The sight does not include a battery operated sight light for illumination. However the top of the sight housing is drilled and tapped to accept a battery operated light, if such devices are allowed in your region while hunting.

The top of the sight housing is drilled and tapped for a sight light. A light is not included.

One downside to the sight is that the overall sight housing is not micro-adjustable. Rather you have to lock and unlock the vertical and horizontal sight housing adjustments to move the sight ring up or down. Trophy Ridge offers the Micro Alpha sight which is similar to the Fire Wire with ViPINs and has micro-adjust for the sight housing, although at a higher cost.

Currently the Fire Wire V5 sells for around $80 and the V3 for twenty dollars less at around $60 which puts it squarely in the mid-price range for archery sights. Overall its a well constructed sight that allows quick easy vertical adjustments for individual pins which is a unique advantage over most other sights.

For more information visit Trophy Ridge.


I bought a trophy ridge sight

I bought a trophy ridge sight about 8 or nine years ago, and i still use it today the best money i have spent on my bow, except for the trophy ridge vertical drop arrow rest another great product. I'm loving this sight though, I MAY HAVE TO GO CHECK IT OUT.

Very nice sight, looked one

Very nice sight, looked one over last week in the shop

hunter25's picture

I don't look at the archery

I don't look at the archery stuff much anymore but this is some great stuff. I have been trying to get back in the game but an elbow injury slowed me down a bit. If I am able to continue a sight like this one would be in the running for sure. I think all the fiber optic sights are legal everywhere but aI'll have to look into it, I think battery operated ones are not allowed in some places though. Things sure have changed since I hunted archery over 20 years ago thiugh. I remember my first sight when I was a kid that my dad just cut from piece of sheet metal, slotted it and screwed it to the side of my

I really like the way the pins come off of the bottom on this sight so as to give you a clear view on either side of the tip. That is something that ai did have a problem with in the past.