KonusPro 3-10×44 Rifle Scope

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The world is changing and sometimes the quality of a product so surpasses its low price it makes you wonder. Based on my personal experience, Konus scopes are a remarkable value. The latest one I’ve tried is the Konus KonusPro 3-10×44 Rifle Scope with Illuminated Reticule. This scope‘s features and quality clearly exceed its price bracket. My wife and daughter used it to bag five deer and a pig this season and they like it better than the premium priced scope that was on the Pre ’64 Model 70 they used last year. The illuminated reticule allows low light precision shooting and, in our area, the light can be really dim just before the end of the shooting day when deer are often most active.

As an old competitive shooter, I loved the turrets because they were high and could be clicked with my fingers. I like to zero on a Caldwell Lead Sled and using high easy to operate turrets allows two shot zeroing. All the adjustments were smooth and precise. The Konus was 100% parallax free at 100 yards and I liked the quick focus eyepiece. The brightness exceeded what I’d have expected from a scope in this price range. This is a great scope for a mediocre scope price.

While the finish of this scope isn’t up to the highest priced scopes, the quality of the optics belies the price. The image is sharp to the edges, the adjustments are positive and easier to adjust than some scopes costing much more and the adjustments move when you click them.


The long term test of a scope can’t be evaluated in the short term but the Konus performed flawlessly for a season. It certainly seems rugged enough to last and I certainly saw nothing that made me think it wouldn’t be in the fight for the long haul.


Value is where this little scope shines. As far as function is concerned, this scope performed better than scopes costing twice the price. It exhibited all the features of those scopes and is priced at the same level of countless scopes that are inferior to it.


I might not refer this scope to someone on a trip to Africa or Alaska simply because I just don’t have history with the product line and what you ultimately pay for in a $1,000 scope is consistency. For the average white tail or varmint hunter, I would certainly recommend this scope.

submitted by: Dick Jones,Lewis Creek Shooting School 


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Ive had mine almost 3 years

Ive had mine almost 3 years now and its been an excellent scope with zero problems. Ive had it on multiple muzzleloaders, centerfires and is currently mounted a 1941 mosin nagant M91/30. Easily 15,000 rounds with this scope and its my favorite of all time.

Mine is not the illuminated version but the model 7255 version.

Never had the scope fog up on me either.

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Just curious how much it actually retails for?


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KonusPro 3-10×44 Rifle Scope

Based on my personal experience, Konus scopes are a remarkable value. The latest one I've tried is the Konus KonusPro 3-10×44 Rifle. This is really light and have good handling.


Great article Dick.  I

Great article Dick.  I purchased Konus 10x42 binochulars and was amased at the value.  I've hunted with them for two seasons now.  You get twice the optic quality for the price.  Anyone on a budget or just wanting good value should check out Konus.

Konus are made in China; so if that bothers you then buy something else.  There are plenty of fine US optics to chose from.  Hey, competition is good.  Look what Datsun did!