Fuse Carbon Interceptor Bow Sight Review

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Fuse Archery produces a line of bow sights for 3D shooters and bow hunters. At the pinnacle of the Fuse line up is the Carbon Interceptor sight which is new for 2012. For this review we'll be taking a closer look at the Carbon Interceptor and what it offers for a premium bow sight.

The Fuse Archery Carbon Interceptor 5 pin M-series sight

For this review we are taking a look at the M-Series 5 Pin (3 and 7 pin versions are available) 3D sight with .019 pin diameter. The Carbon Interceptor is offered in two types, the standard or "G" series and the micro-adjust or "M" series. The big difference between the two is that the M-series is available with micro-adjust knobs that can be turned to adjust windage and elevation quickly without using tools. The "G" series can be adjusted but requires having an allen wrench handy to loosen and retighten the windage and elevation adjustments. The micro-adjust is quite handy for quickly dialing in a bow without having the loosen-tighten-shoot-repeat cycle to sighting in a bow.

The knobs are for adjusting windage and elevation without tools.

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the Carbon Interceptor is its light weight. Using two carbon fiber rods to secure the sight to the bow reduces the sight weight by perhaps as much as an ounce compared to a standard milled aluminum sight. If you have paid a premium for an ultra-light bow, the light weight of the Carbon Interceptor is a good choice to keep the fully loaded bow weight down.

The carbon rods also have an added benefit in that they allow the sight to be slid forward and backward on the mounting bracket which is usually not an option on a standard sight. Being able to move the sight back and forth helps to make minor adjustments of the sight picture in the peep picture, without readjusting the peep. The rod adjustments also allow a shooter to set their preferred sight distance from the riser.

Like most sights the Carbon Interceptor mounts to a standardized riser mount.
Unlike most sights, the M=mounting bracket slides for the best fit on your bow.

The sight hood has a bright orange ring and a red bubble level.

The Carbon Interceptor comes with a bundle of fiber optic line that feeds each of the five pins as well as a bow level. The level can be removed if you prefer to not have the distraction of a level in your sight picture, which is kind of nice since most sights these days glue the level down. The fiber bundle comes back to the rear of the sight where a sight light can be screwed in to brighten the pins. The sight light is optional and not included with the bow sight.

The rear of the sight is tapped to allow a screw in sight light.

The level can be unscrewed and removed from the sight.

About the only downside to the Carbon Interceptor sight is the price tag which comes in around $160, which is steep for a sight that does not include a sight light. However for those that value light weight, the ability to quickly make tool-less windage or elevation adjustments and the ability to control the distance from the riser to the sight hood, the Carbon Interceptor is an exceptional sight. If the micro-adjustment is not important to you, the G-series sight will offer the light weight at a lower cost.

For more information visit Fuse Archery.