Fuse Archery Switch Convertible Quiver Review

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Quivers are one of those bow must have accessories during a long, especially pack in hunt. Arrows get lost, bent, or otherwise damaged and it's not always easy to just pack it back and get a few more arrows. On the downside, when selecting a quiver a hunter has to decide between weight and capacity of the quiver. More capacity helps with having more arrows in reserve, but that just adds more total weight to the bow. If you have ever had this dilemma, Fuse Archery has a new quiver called the "Switch" that might just be what you are looking for in a new quiver.

The Fuse Archery Switch Convertible Quiver. The mounting bracket can be moved along
the main carbon fiber backbone to alter the placement of the quiver on the bow riser.

Fuse specializes in developing top of the line archery accessories and the Switch Convertible Quiver is no exception. Featuring a light weight carbon fiber main body and a quick release milled aluminum attachment bracket, this quiver is a premium even before considering the switching capabilities. Currently the Switch is offered in Realtree Max-1, AP, or black.

Basically the Switch can be either a 5 or 3 arrow quiver, simply by removing a portion of the hood and a portion of the gripper. Our review model is a single gripper, but Fuse offers a double gripper for an additional cost. Included with the Switch quiver, is also the hood insert foam for both 5 or 3 arrow setups.

The Switch comes with the hood foam to switch from a 5 to 3 arrow configuration.

Removing a few screws switches the gripper from a 5 to 3 arrow configuration.

The top of the hood has a carry handle installed.

Our review model was easy to switch between both configuration by removing or adding just a few bolts. Positioning the quiver relative to the bow riser is also easy, because the bracket can slide up or down along the main carbon fiber backbone of the Switch. The quiver also includes a carrying loop that is securely fastened to the quiver hood.

The Switch will fit most bows using the included two hole mounting bracket which can be used with most modern archery sights. The upper hole on the bracket is elongated to allow tilting the quiver to the left or right relative to the main vertical axis of the bow riser, if you like to have an offset to your quiver mounting.

The quick detach bracket installs into a standard two hole quiver mount, usually
on the side of a sight. Lifting the lever releases the quiver for removal.

The Switch is a top notch quiver that is well constructed and can accommodate 3 or 5 arrows depending on configuration. The only down side to the Switch is the price tag that comes in at around $150, which is quite a bit above most other quivers on the market. However if you are looking for the ultimate quiver in terms of silence, light weight, and configurability it's tough to find a quiver that competes on the same playing field as the Switch.

For more information visit Fuse Archery.