Burris Fullfield E1 Rifle Scope Review

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A popular hunting rifle scope over the years has been Burris' Fullfield II series of rifle scopes. For 2011, Burris, based in Greeley Colorado, has made significant upgrades to the Fullfield II scope line. This review will take a look at the new E1 in a 3x-9x-40mm scope and compare it to the standard Fullfield II.

Currently Burris is offering the new E1 series in four power combinations: 2x-7x-35mm, 3x-9x-40mm, 3x-9x-50mm, and 4.5x-14x-42mm. This covers nearly all of the power variations available in the standard Fullfield II except it leaves out the 6.5x-20x-50mm.

The E1 is named after the new “Enhanced” Ballistic Plex reticle. The original Ballistic Plex offered bullet drop compensation for a variety of cartridges and the new E1 offers the same ballistic fit, but enhances it with 10 MPH crosswind dots on either side of each of the ballistic cross hatches. If you already own a Ballistic Plex reticle, you will find the E1 matches up identically with your current setup, and simply gives a cross wind gauge. Each crosswind dot is ¼ of a MOA or ¼ of an inch at 100 yards, which can be used to determine distance to a object of a known size.

The new E1 also sports an improved turret system. Burris increased the turret cap cover size and knurled them with large groves to make it easy to get the turret covers on and off. The turret itself is also larger with an improved grip. Like the standard Fullfield II, the click adjustments are still ¼ inch at 100 yards or ¼ MOA per click. The new turrets have 68 clicks in one revolution of the turret which translates to 17 inches of movement at 100 yards.

The final improvement to the Fullfield II is moving the magnification adjustment out of the eye piece and including it as a separate power adjustment ring that rotates freely from the body of the scope and the eye piece. This design is more common in a lot of scopes on the market and while for the most part it is a minor issue, those that use an eye piece scope cap cover will immediately notice the benefit of the power adjustment ring. When using a scope cap cover on a standard Fullfield II, adjusting the magnification would cause the scope cap cover to rotate, perhaps out of alignment with the quick release tabs on the cover.

The optics of the E1 are the same as the standard Fullfield II which are known for their light transmission, brightness, and clarity. The new E1 in 3x-9x-40mm will have a street price of about $200, which is approximately $20 more than the standard Fullfield II in the same power and objective size.

We only have a few minor criticisms of the scope. First, our review model did not include a sheet explaining what the dots represented in terms of crosswind. However this information could be quickly found on Burris' website. The other issue is that the new turret system does not appear to be easily removable to re-zero the turret after sighting in. This isn't a show stopper though considering the cost of the scope and the fact that most people will not re-zeo their turrets after sighting in anyway.

The new Fullfield E1 is a noticeable improvement over the standard model. The new turret system is quick and easy to use, the reticle is improved, and the new power ring makes it a good value at the current asking price.

The new magnification ring is separate from the eye piece and main body of
the scope, making it easy to set the magnification without rotating the eye piece.

The new scope turret covers are grooved and easy to grip for removal and installation.

The new E1 turret is larger, easy to rotate, and clearly
marked in number of clicks. Clicks are in 1/4 MOA.

Side view of both turrets.

The E1 is the same overall size as the older standard Fullfield II.
The standard Fullfield II is in the foreground.

Comparing the size of the two turrets.

Comparing the two magnification rings. The standard model rotates the entire eye piece.

The turrets on the E1 are much larger and easier to use than the standard model.

All Burris scopes equipped with the Ballistic Plex or E1 reticle come
with a handy ballistic chart that matches a variety of popular hunting
cartridges. Each cartridge is a sticker that can be placed on the side
of your rifle stock.

For more information about Burris products visit www.burrisoptics.com.


Burris Fullfield E1

I own 2 Fullfield II 4.5X14 Ballistic plex scopes. I don't like the way the fast focus adjustment ring causes the magnification to move also. The E1 model that I just bought solves that problem. And I can also use flip-up scope covers now. I love the adjustment knobs on the E1. All other features on both the <a href="dreamriflescope.com">Fullfield II</a> and the E1 are great. I've switched from Leupold and will buy more of the E1 models.

ndemiter's picture

i enjoyed this thorough

i enjoyed this thorough review of the scopes fuction and differences from similar units. i like that each caliber has a sticker to help remind you of the calibrations for the ballisti-plex reticle.

little things like that are what will help guys connect with their target in the field. but it's no substitute for practice. i cannot wait until i get another chance to familiarize myself with my hunting rifle. i've been loading ammo all winter and it should be ready to go.

i don't yet know what all tags i'll have this year but i suspect the old 30-06 will be making an appearance, and i might just have to fit one of there new burris scopes to the platform. it seems like a quality piece of equipment and i like how some of the fullfield II's come in an anodized olive green finish (leupold custom shop can do this, just for twice the price.)

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Great review on a quality

Great review on a quality line of moderately priced scopes. I only own one of the earlier scopes in this series now which I mounted on my daughters 30-06 a few years ago and it has served her well with no problems whatsoever. The upgrades listed here will only make a great product even better. With the warranty that Burris offers you can't go wrong by buying one of there products.

I'm not sure when I will be needing another scope but a Burris will defiately be in the running when I start to look for another one.

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Well that is a really cool

Well that is a really cool upgrade.  And I just happen to be a huge fan of the Burris line of optics.  They are also built right here in my hometown.  It just so happens I am in the markey for a new scope and I may have just found the one that I want to go with.