Burris AR-332 Prism Sight Review

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Following in the path of the 1911, the AR-15 is rapidly becoming a quintessential American firearm. The simplicity and versatility of the AR-15 (along with the 308 chambered AR-10) has started to bring it into more hunting camps. However the original AR-15 was designed with iron sights and like most rifles will benefit from being outfitted with a scope. Given that the AR-15 is a lightweight rifle chambered in relatively lightweight cartridge, it's only fitting that it should be outfitted with a lightweight scope. Recently Burris introduced its AR-332 scope that is specifically designed for AR-15 style rifles.

While an AR-15 can be outfitted with most any scope with the proper rings or base system, compact scopes of relatively low magnification (3x-4x) tend to be the most popular. With the AR-332, Burris brings to the table a fixed three power scope that mounts to either the AR-15 carry handle or directly to the M4 flattop receiver. The construction is waterproof with a rubber o-ring around the battery compartment and rugged all metal construction that should prove quite durable over time.

Overall view of the Burris AR-332 Prism Sight.

The AR-332 sports a new reticle called the Ballistic CQ which is glass etched and can either be red or green illuminated using an adjustable rheostat on the top of the scope. While the scope uses a common CR2032 battery, the illumination is not required. If not illuminated or if the battery dies the reticle is the same black reticle that can be expected in any other hunting scope.

The illumination brightness and color is adjusted using the rheostat on the top of the scope.
Unscrewing the top cap reveals a CR3032 battery compartment.

The illumination has good variability. On a very bright day the highest setting is still vibrant and does not wash out and in low light the lowest two settings on the rheostat are not too overpowering, thus obscuring the target. Burris claims that the battery will last 200 hours on the brightest setting and 500 hours on the medium setting which is more than enough for most hunting expeditions.

The Ballistic CQ as one might imagine from the name, is a ballistic reticle that works much like the Ballistic Plex reticle that we covered in our previous Burris E1 Review, expect that the Ballistic CQ is specifically matched for the 223 Rem / 5.56 NATO and the 308 Win / 7.62x51mm. The reticle can be reasonably fitted to a variety of 308 or 223 loads from 5.56 55gr FMJ all the way to the 168 gr Sierra Match King load in a 308.

The AR-332 also includes a small sunshade and a set of lens cap covers a nice addition considering the scope sells for a street price of $320. The combination of the AR-332 or similar scope with an AR-15 makes for a lightweight varmint rifle or brush gun. If you're looking for a smaller scope for your AR-15 on that next coyote hunt, the AR-332 is worth considering; it offers a relatively good value for the asking price.

For more information about Burris products visit www.burrisoptics.com.

The AR-332 has a series of three picatinny mounts on the sides and top of the scope.


Ca_Vermonster's picture

With my job, I get to shoot

With my job, I get to shoot the M-4 on a regular basis, which is eccentially an AR-15 with a few subtle differences.  On those, we use Eotech sights.  I can't seem to get used to them.

I have never used this sight from Burris. However, Burris is a great name, so I would like to have a chance to throw some lead down range using this one.  I have trouble shooting in low light, but reading the information on the illumination makes me think this would help.

I can't change the sites on the government equipment, but it would be interesting to test one of these in a private capacity to see if I like it.

hunter25's picture

This is an interesting new

This is an interesting new sight from Burris and looks good and priced very well for the brand and features it has. I have a similar scope from Millet but would have looked at this one very closely if I had known about it or if it had been available at the time. I understand the desire for a compact scope for these rifles but it would seem that higher power would still be useful for the range of the cartridge. Lower magnafication can make for faster speed but it's still nice when shooting further, especially since they put a reticle good out to 600 yards. Three power is where most of us start with a scope not end. I just have to remember the intended use of the rifle and not look at it as a hunting rifle with this type of optic attached. It can be used as one but that is not really it's intended purpose. Again this looks like a very good value for and optic with the Burris name on it.

GooseHunter Jr's picture

Looks like it will make a

Looks like it will make a very nice acessory to add to any AR.  I personally have not used this one but I have many Burris products and they all have worked great for me.  I can asuume that this will work just as well for all the AR users out there.