Eclectic the noun

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Eclectic the noun:

A philosopher who selected from the various systems such opinions and principles as he judged to be sound and rational.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

I sure like the way he puts his words together. Though I never thought of myself as a philosopher, to most folks I'm just opinionated bushrat.

I really am a bushrat I live with my wife and sons on a fairly remote homestead in southcentral Alaska, about an hour flight in a bush plane out of Anchorage. We got our land in Alaska's last homestead lottery in 1996 and have lived here since 1998. I work mostly as a hunting guide and trapper. We hunt and fish for food, we also raise a garden and gather wild green for a lot of our food. This is an opinion both me and my wife "judge to be sound and rational". Since most of what comes from town is made out of stuff with Latin names we can't even pronounce. It's a fun life and in many ways not that much different than living in a town. We live on a mixed economy, part subsistence, part cash, mostly determination. We buy gas to run chainsaws and snow machines to get firewood in for cook and to heat our cabin. Most other people pay the gas & electric company for fuel for the same reason. We haul water from a spring you pay the water department so you can turn on a tap in your house. I mill boards from logs while town folks get theirs from the lumberyard. So everything is relative it's what you want.

The blog will cover pretty much all things related to life in Alaska's outdoors. Consumptive use of resources( that's hunting, fishing, and trapping, and gathering for all you unpolitically correct) the politics of Alaska's wildlife, the high adventures of an Alaskan guide, raising a family in the Alaskan bush, and more. Sometimes I'll step out side my bushrat  persona and jump into issues I feel are important. I try to keep things on the light side but opinions are opinions, so don't be afraid to toss your into the mix. 


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Sounds like you have a very

Sounds like you have a very interesting life!  I enjoy reading about Alaska, and I look forward to your contributions.

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Looking forward to reading what you have to share.  You are living a life that many of us in the lower 48 dream of, so it will be interesting to read the real deal not the stuff of fantasy.  I had teh pleasure to visit Alaska for a two week stretch in September a decade or so ago.  It made me want to visit again but I haven't got there yet.  Maybe you will help me get there in spirit if not in reality soon. 


Great Experince

I am not asking you I am just saying whay you did not go to Alaska.

I am not asking you I am just

I am not asking you I am just saying whay you did not go to Alaska.

I am not asking you I just

I am not asking you I just saying that why you did not go Alaska again.