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Polar Bears Suffering Unexplained Fur Loss

Scientists in Alaska are seeing polar bears that are suffering from hair loss and skin lesions. This is not the first time this has been reported, in the late 90s the same thing was happening.

9 of 33 bears checked in the southern Beaufort sea region are suffering from alopecia - fur loss. 3 of 4 bears checked near Kaktovic are suffering with the same symptoms, fur loss and skin lesions. Blood and tissue samples were taken from the bears with the symptoms.

Wisconsin Police Shoot Large Bear

Wisconsin is home to a large population of black bears, and now is the time of the year when they are coming out of their winter dens. At the end of March the Department of Natural Resources officers trapped one black bear in Marshfield and relocated it.

On April 9th a number of people called the police to report a large black bear in town. The large black bear was estimated to be around 500 lbs, and had become aggressive towards the residents. He would stand on his hind legs and challenge residents. Police contacted DNR and the DNR told the police to not lose the bear.

Escaped Alaska Bear's Biggest Threat - Other Bears

Heavy snowfall in Alaska had caused damage to an electric fence at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center near Portage. The fence had to be turned off for maintenance, during that time period, the inhabitant a 2 year old Kodiak bear was able to escape by climbing over the fence.

Shaguyik (sheh-GOY’-uk), an Eskimo name for “ghost” or “shadow" is the escaped bear, and the first escapee the center has had. They let the public know almost a week after the bear escaped. For Alaska though it is just another bear in an area that is already populated by many bears. Even though Shaguyik was raised in captivity, the public is asked to stay away if they see her.

Missouri Town Hosting Alligator Round Up

Two years ago a reptile salesman showed up in Kennett, Missouri. He is believed to have sold at least 50 alligators in the town before police officers were able to stop this illegal activity and get him out of town. Now that the alligators are getting older, and not as easy to keep in a house, the Kennett Humane Officials are trying to round up the alligators before they are released into the wild.

Missouri Lawmakers Consider Allowing Public Transit Riders to Carry

Rep. Ed Schieffer, a Democrat from Troy, is sponsoring a bill that would allow people with concealed carry permits to pack on the Missouri public transit systems. He states the goal is to make the riders feel safe, and have more people feel comfortable using the bus or train. There are mixed feelings on the issue though.

Utah's Deer Unit Change May Mean 500 Fewer Permits

Utah used to consist of 5 hunting units - for deer management purposes the state was divided it into 30 smaller units. Smaller units would make it easier to manage the deer populations in each of those 30 units. While working out the logistics and the number of permits for the 2012 deer hunt, the Division of Wildlife Board reviewed the success ratio per unit from the last couple years, as well as the buck to doe ratio per unit. After totaling all the numbers up, statewide there may be 500 fewer permits available this year.

Almost a Century of Hunting

Bill Tanner of Jackson Mississippi began hunting when he was 8. It was just squirrels with his father's gun a .410 shotgun. With the money from selling squirrels he bought his own firearm, a single-shot Southern Arms 12 gauge shotgun with a 32-inch barrel. The price for Tanner then was $4.00.

When he was 21 or 22 he got his first turkey. He said there would be years that there wouldn't be any turkeys in the area, but that has changed. This year Tanner turned 96, and he was able to fill his turkey limit. He got his third turkey about a week after his birthday and well before the season ends on May 1st.

Bad Timing of Photo Prompts Investigation and Cries of Animal Cruelty

Idaho wolf hunters harvested 373 wolves this season, for the second wolf season after years of controversy. Idaho recently took back the authority to manage the wolf population in their state, and to try and cull the numbers down to more manageable levels, they were pretty lenient in their allowances. Hunters could take 2 wolves per calendar year, they could use calls, they could use traps, but with 43,000 tags sold, only about 1% were successful.

Michigan Trying to Control Pork?

As of April 1st Michigan's new Invasive Species Order took affect. This was introduced as a way to deal with the feral swine problem that Michigan was facing, but it way oversteps that. This order gives the DNR the ability to enter farms, ranches and small businesses and take private property without compensation.

Tennessee Turkeys Aplenty

We think there may be more turkey than ham on the table this Easter. Tennessee's spring turkey hunt went off with a bang last weekend, with a substantial rise in the harvest this year compared to last year.

For the opening weekend, by the end of the day Sunday there were 8,367 turkeys harvested. A number that was larger than last year's opening weekend by 1,170. The season will end on May 13th.

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