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Florida Homeowner's Association Has Different Worry

Usually homeowner's association's biggest worries are regarding kept lawns, yards, fees paid on time, etc., but the Vista Cove neighborhood in St. Augustine, Florida has an alligator to worry about. An alligator is living in the pond in the neighborhood.

Colorado House Passes Bill to End CBI Background Check for Gun Purchases

Colorado House Bill 1048 squeaked by the house, and the chances it will pass the senate are not the best. This bill could potentially save the state millions of dollars, and with the current state of the economy that could mean a lot. House Bill 1048, sponsored by Rep. Mark Waller (R) would cancel the state background checks for those purchasing firearms.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigations background check is redundant and costly. The FBI background check should be sufficient, without requiring a state background check as well.

Swan Blamed for Caretaker's Drowning

Anthony Hensley was kayaking on a pond Saturday morning, in a Des Plaines, Illinois area pond. Hensley worked for a company that used swans and dogs to keep geese away from the properties, and Hensley was using the kayak to check on the animals.

Officials think Hensley may have gotten too close to a swan or the swan's home. The swan went after Hensley, who then rolled out of the kayak. Hensley tried to swim ashore, with the swan still attacking him. When rescuers arrived Hensley was under water, and cause of death was drowning.

California Man Gets Surprise in Driveway

Vaz Terdandenyan of La Crescenta, California, was awoken Tuesday morning by helicopter sounds. He was walking down his driveway to see if he could find out what was going on, and was texting his boss to let him know he might be a little late getting into work. When he looked up from texting he was face to face with a large black bear.

Jackson Hole Residents Cautioned to Slow Down

With the early spring thaw, the National Elk Refuge has stopped the supplemental feeding of the elk on March 28th. Without the food enticing the animals to stay there, bison and elk have started heading back toward the Grand Teton National Park. It is a normal seasonal thing with the animals usually moving during the worst visibility times of the day; dawn and dusk.

Wolf-Hybrids at Sanctuary Killed, Owner Faces Charges

Ohio's wild animal sanctuaries are in the news again. Last year Terry Thompson released all the exotic animals at his private zoo, and then committed suicide and most of the animals had to be shot. This time the deaths have been 17 wolf-hybrids.

Joanna Trejo, owner of the sanctuary, Wolfsong Ranch near Lore City, says that what has happened is really bad, a nightmare. But it is unsure as to where the truth lies. Neighbors of the ranch, Larry and Trenda Bethel, heard that the wolves were left without food or water, other neighbors told them the owners would be back soon. Days turned into weeks. Larry Bethel went to check on the wolves and was amazed at their condition. The wolves were left without food or water.

Photo Evidence Leads to Conviction

Yukon residents Alan Robinson, John Robinson and Jean-Claude Masse were first charged in 2009 with illegally killing caribou. They lawyered up and claimed to have killed the animals legally and denied any wrong doing. Yukon conservation officers are credited with good investigative work in finding photographic evidence that proved the trio of hunters were in the wrong.

Savor the Day

Emily Bauer got her first turkey last year - a tom. This year she went with her father and brother at the beginning of turkey season, the youth hunt, as an experienced 14 year old turkey hunter. They found the area that they liked, parked the truck, set up turkey decoys, and settled down behind some brush for protection from the wind.

They had hunted this area previously and scouted it earlier. They were unsure if they would see any turkeys, but it was the beginning of the season and they had time. After about 20 minutes of occasional calling they heard a gobble. Then a hen came into their line of sight, followed by a jake and a tom close to where they had parked the truck. The hen took off away from Emily. They used a call, but had little faith, thinking the jake and tom would follow the hen.

Virginia Fire Danger Closes Hunting in Areas

Several large wildfires are burning in Virginia, with over 19,700 acres already burned. Due to the fires, public access has been closed until it is safer for people to be in these areas. Portions of George Washington and Jefferson National Forests will be closed to hunters for the spring turkey season.

Wyoming Game and Fish Estimate 52 Wolves will be Harvested by Hunters

If everything goes as planned, the wolf will be delisted in Wyoming this fall, except inside Yellowstone National Park. That means it will be up to the state of Wyoming to manage the population at sustainable levels. If the wolf population gets reduced too much, the wolves will be placed back on the endangered species list - under federal control.

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