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Mother Polar Bear and Grolar Cubs Hunted in Northwest Territories

With caribou herds changing migration routes - there has been an increase in grizzly bears in places they have never been before. That includes the Northwest Territories, home to polar bears previously. The grizzlies traveled north, following the caribou, and then mating with the local polar bears.

Wyoming Landowner Closes Box Elder Creek Hunt Area

Wyoming landowners can choose to open their land to the public for hunting. The program is called Private Lands, Public Wildlife program. In previous years the landowner at Bixby Ranch east of Glenrock participated in the program. This year they have opted out of the program for unknown reasons at this time. This area usually offered 30 pronghorn licenses and fall turkey licenses.

Officials remind the public to act appropriately when accessing these lands.

Mountain Lions Heading East

More sightings of mountain lions are occurring in Missouri. Officials say there is no cause for worry at this point. Mountain lions are secretive animals that are more scared of humans then we are of them.

Why is Missouri experiencing more mountain lion sightings? It is believed that the young males are looking for love- or a new place of their own. The west is highly populated with mountain lions, so to find a new area they search and that search leads them east. However female mountain lions are not very prevalent and this pushes the males further in which case they will probably run into humans.

Is Transplanting Caribou Good Management?

In the Kimberley area of British Columbia the Purcell caribou herd's numbers were dwindling. Government biologist took 19 caribou from the Dease Lake area, which is in northern B.C. and moved them to the Kimberley area, southern B.C.

5 caribou, which would be equal to about 25 % of the transplanted caribou have died. The transplanted caribou, were exploring their new habitat, and went to areas with deeper winter snow. 4 succumbed to mountain lions, and 1 fell into a creek and was unable to get back out.

Struck Cougar's Paws Removed

The California Highway Patrol received a report about a deer on the side of the road in Santa Barbara County. When they arrived to investigate, a deer was on one side of the road, and a cougar was on the other side of the road. They believe the cougar had been struck while chasing the deer across U.S. Route 101.

Pennsylvania Weatherman Gets Unexpected Company

Pennsylvania meteorologist Kurt Aaron was getting ready to do the weather report for the night news around 11:10 pm. He went outside to the outdoor set for his weather report. He was not the only one out there. A mother black bear and three cubs had found their way into the outdoor weather set.

Nugent to Plead Guilty

Ted Nugent, famous for rock & roll and hunting, is in some hot water for a 2009 bear hunting trip in Alaska. Nugent had previously shot at a black bear with his bow, the bear was wounded, and this counted for Nugent's seasonal limit of one bear. His lawyer says Nugent was not aware of that, since the bear was not killed and ran off. Nugent later successfully killed a bear, so faced charges of illegally killing the bear and then transporting it so a misdemeanor violation of the Lacey Act.

Man Shoots Girlfriend While Hog Hunting at Night

Steven Egan and his girlfriend Lisa Simmons were camping while hog hunting in Flagler County, Florida. They were staying in a tent at Cowart Hunt Camp. Egan thought he heard a hog out in the brush and shot at it. Then he went to track down the hog.

Residents of Squamish Receive Cougar Warning

A cougar made a meal out of a Squamish resident's dog, and has been seen repeatedly in the area. The District of Squamish issued a cougar warning, so that residents are aware of the possible danger.

Montana Black Bear Hunters Cautioned About Grizzlies

A wildlife biologist for Montana's Red Lodge area said that he has seen more grizzly bears so far this spring in the area, than he has any other time in 30 years.

The grizzly bears are out, and black bear hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts are told to be cautious in the Beartooth Front area west of Red Lodge. Grizzlies may be in the same wooded areas where the hunters are looking for black bears.

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