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Coyote carcass dump fuels New Mexico contest ban legislation


After joggers came across a pile of discarded remains in the desert last month just days after a coyote contest, a bill to end the practice passed the New Mexico state senate by a 27-13 vote.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Prolong Public Comment on Wyoming Wolf Delisting

wolfWyoming and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials had agreed that the comment period would end in January for the delisting of the wolves in Wyoming. After some recent moves by the Wyoming legislature and the Game and Fish Commission to ratify the plan the U.S.

Alaska to Give Alaska Moose Federation Additional $1.5 Million

MooseThe Alaska Moose Federation helped with luring and transporting moose away from roadways this winter. The state gave them $1.3 million to help with the moose. The federation also got a special permit in which they were able to rescue and relocate moose, zero moose were transported though.

Young Hunter Fills Her Bag

Carmen Pearson, 12, had already successfully hunted one turkey this season when she was heading out to hunt again with her grandfather, Jim Smith, in South Carolina. They had gotten off with a late start that morning, and were out calling by 7:30 am. After a half hour, there were three turkeys in shooting range. Carmen took her 12-gauge shotgun, and shot.

The dominant turkey was down, shot in the head. Her grandfather said, "You got two." Carmen looked at him with surprise and asked if he was sure. The bullet from Carmen's shotgun had struck two turkeys in the head.

Moose Visits Fargo

A moose was wandering the streets of Fargo, North Dakota. As of Friday morning the moose was being left alone as it had not posed a threat to anyone. The moose was being monitored by North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

Moose have been in the area before. In 2003, a moose and calf were killed and sparked a debate on how best to deal with moose, human interactions. So far this Fargo visitor is being left alone, and will most likely wander back into the woods on its own. From

Reward Offered for Finding Mountain Lion Mutilator

At the beginning of the week a mountain lion was struck and killed on Hwy 101 in California. By the time Fish and Game arrived on the scene the paws had been sawed off the mountain lion's front legs.

Wardens believe that someone, maybe with a police scanner had heard the report come in, and then before the fish and game were able to get there, had sawed off the paws. Most likely the person would try to sell the paws as it is illegal to posess any part of a mountain lion in California.

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