Welcome to the New BGH Journal Blog

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We are excited to announce our new BGH Journal blog. This blog is composed by staff on a regular basis to spotlight news, events, products, and updates to our site. We hope that our new blogging format will be a focus point for discussion on current events and BGH related news. As with the rest of BGH articles, reviews, topics, tips, photos, and stories, registered members will be able to respond and post comments to blog entries.

In the coming days and months we have plans to introduce other blogs to BGH that cover more specific big game hunting topics and gear. We will announce new blogs on the forum, on the BGH home page, and possibly in this blog. If you have topics that you would like to see covered in a specific blog or have a news item you would like BGH Journal to cover, please respond in the comments section or contact us directly. 

Best Regards,
The BGH Staff


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Agree with CVC! Great

Agree with CVC! Great articles that aren't too long.

I especially like the Western Hunter blog by Mark. Very informative blog to search out and read. I have been pouring over the information in between posts. I hope make keeps his blog going on a regular basis. That is the kind of information we out of state hunters can really use.

CVC, you forgot to mention all the points you rack up from posting a reply to a blog. Hahahaha

But seriously, a great addition to the site. Thanks.

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Points?  You get points for

Points?  You get points for posting here?  Well, you learn something new everyday.  Seriously, the blogs are fast becoming my favorite part of this site, especially WesternHunters.  It is easy to rack up points when you're posting something you really enjoy.

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The BGH journal has fast

The BGH journal has fast become one of my favorite sections of the site.  The articles are just the right length and provide information on relevant topics that I would normally miss in the mainstreet media.  Keep up the good work.