Idaho Sheriff Holds 308 SSS Wolf Pack Raffle

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Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings is holding a raffle and the grand prize is a Winchester 308 Featherweight Model 70 and a shovel. Raffle tickets went on sale Friday for $1 each, or 11 for $10. The drawing is planned for March 8.

According to the Spokesman-Review and the Lewiston Tribune the SSS in the contest name does not stand for Shoot, Shovel, and Shut up. Rather it stands for "safety, security, and survival."

“We knew that this would stir up some interest,” Giddings told the Lewiston Tribune. The newspaper reported that the SSS in the wolf-shooting context often appears in the area on bumper stickers. “No, we’re not advocating shooting wolves,” Giddings said.

Money raised from the raffle will go to local food banks, drug awareness programs, and school equipment programs.


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Huh, tough to say which way I

Huh, tough to say which way I fall on this issue.  I do not like the idea of breaking the law, but at the same time, the Federal Government's mismanagement has driven some people to use these measures.

Gotta hand it to the guy though.  I absolutely love the SSS name of the rifle. lol

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And by advocating taking the

And by advocating taking the law into your own hands he would be advocating poaching wolves and thus breaking the law. I think we are saying the same thing but I just don't think a public official should be the one making these comments. If the citizens there are ready to take the law into their own hands than so be it. But I know that it isn't going to help the states' cause of getting management back if their public officials, who are supposed to be level headed, are advocating poaching wolves.

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i agree with you that he

i agree with you that he should not be advocating poaching or even giving the impression that he is condoning or encouraging it.  As you said, it is counterproductive and illegal.  We, as hunters, and he as a law enforcement official, should set the example of abiding by the law, even when we do not agree with the law.

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I think he knows what he is

I think he knows what he is doing too. I just do not think he is going about getting the problem solved in the right way. I do not think it looks good for people who want the states to take over management of wolves if their sheriff is advocating poaching them. That is not going to get management handed over to them any quicker. I do agree that the money generating is going to a good cause and that by tieing his raffle into this topic that it will help him generate a lot more money but that doesn't justify the damage that he might be doing to the pro-state management side.

A sheriff would not go out and do something like this if he was not advocating the illegal killing of wolves. Nobody wants to try and explain those actions unless they actually believe in them.

I agree with the idea that the states should have control of the wolf populations but this is not the way to get that done.

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And then again, he may be

And then again, he may be really advocating taking the law into your own hands and killing the wolves.  We had a county prosecutor telling the people in his county here that he wouldn't prosecute them for poaching deer because there were too many in the county.

This country has a history of people thumbing their nose at the government.  Whether history will view them as patriots or criminals, only time will tell.

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At first I had to laugh at

At first I had to laugh at this. But then when I got to thinking about how the pro wolf media is going to spin this, I do not think that this was a good idea. He claims that the 3 s's that he is referring to is not the shoot, shovel and shut up kind... I doubt anybody believes him when the grand prize does not just consist of a rifle, but there is also a shovel thrown in. I do not know why he would even try and act like he is not advocating poaching wolves. I think pretty much anyone is going to see right through that. I understand the frustration with the situation but I do not think that the best way of going about getting the problem fixed is to paint your law enforcement officials as advocating breaking laws. That is not going to look good. In wildlife management, and this wolf topic in particular, I do not hold to the belief that any publicity is good publicity.

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You make some valid points,

You make some valid points, but I think I see it slightly differently.  I think he knows exactly what he is doing in terms of the shoot, shovel and shut up.  He is making a politically statement and playing on the controversy of the subject to generate interest in the raffle to raise funds for a good cause.

Of course, without more information, there is no way to know for sure if he is actually advocating poaching wolves or simply trying to draw attention to the gravity of the federal government's actions while raising funds to help the needy.

I think this is a powder keg issue that is getting to the point where it might just blow up.

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I think unless you live in

I think unless you live in the area or read articles like this one, you're likely not to grasp the frustration and tension created by the federal government's mismanagement of wolves in these western states.

Generally, people in the west are strong, independent types that are not used to not being able to fend for themselves and the federal government's interference runs counter to their nature.  Look at New Orleans, when disaster struck there the people turned to the government.  But natural disasters are not foreign to the people in the west, but unlike their eastern counterparts they turn to themselves and their neighbors to weather the problem

So, I am sure they are frustrated by having to sit on their hands instead of dealing with the wolf problem.