Ted Nugent Under Investigation in South Dakota

The hits just keep coming for the Nuge. After pleading no contest back in August to charges of baiting deer, Uncle Ted is now under investigation in South Dakota for a pheasant hunt he tweeted about.

According to the LA Times:

Andy Alban, South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department law enforcement administrator, would not discuss Nugent or the investigation. "It’s against our policy to comment on active investigations," Alban said.

Bull in a Hole and Other Elk Oddities

Over the years, we have had sent in or heard about a variety of animal and hunting mishaps. Many of these turn out to be wildly imaginative or a classic fish tale that just keeps getting bigger and better. However sometimes the stories are true. Here is a collection of more recent elk oddities.

1.) Bull in a hole. Somewhere in San Juan County is a hole large enough to swallow an elk whole. As this article states: ...the elk was basically hanging by its antlers. They estimate that the elk had been dead about a week before it was discovered. Officials add that the digging around the hole may have been caused by predators trying to get to the carcass.

Four States Have Right to Hunt Ballot Measures

On November 2nd, voters in Arkansas, Arizona, South Carolina, and Tennessee will decide on adding hunting and fishing as state constitutional rights. Over the last 15 years, 20+ states have had ballot initiatives to get hunting and fishing rights into their respective state constitutions. The movement to boost hunting and fishing rights started as a counter-balance by animal rights groups seeking to restrict or otherwise ban hunting.

Massive Colorado Bull Elk Poached in Estes Park

A huge bull elk that was the center piece of Estes Park's annual Elk Fest was illegally shot on or around October 15th. Currently the Colorado Division of Wildlife is offering a $5000 reward to the person or persons who provide information that will lead to the arrest of the poachers.

Speed Up Your BGH: Go Chrome

Back in July we launched a new version of BigGameHunt and with that came some site speed complaints. We spent a considerable amount of time improving the performance on the server side and have made significant gains over July. We also will continue to evaluate and implement new techniques that will make BGH faster to load.

Pinedale Mule Deer Population Declines

A new report by Western Ecosystems Technology Inc for the Bureau of Land Management shows that the mule deer herd that winters on the Pinedale Anticline in Wyoming has declined 36% in the last nine years. The Pinedale Anticline is one of the largest natural gas fields in North American and has seen significant drilling and energy development over the last decade.

Montana Initiative 161 Targets Nonresident Hunters

Next week, Montana residents will vote on Initiative 161 which will have a significant impact on non-resident Montana hunters. Specifically I-161 will abolish all 5,500 guaranteed outfitter-sponsored tags directing them to the general lottery for nonresident big game licenses.

Idaho Governor Rejects ESA Wolf Management

In another salvo of the wolf-wars, Idaho's Governor Otter has ordered state wildlife managers to “relinquish their duty to arrest poachers or to even investigate when wolves are killed illegally.” Under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) Idaho wildlife officials are the “designated agent” for investigating wolf deaths in the state. has a more detailed story about the Governor's orders, specifically: This means Idaho Department of Fish and Game managers will no longer perform statewide monitoring for wolves, conduct investigations into illegal killings, provide law enforcement when wolves are poached or participate in a program that responds to livestock depredations.

Colorado Teen Completes North American Grand Slam

Sara Brandenburg of Berthoud Colorado is the youngest female to complete a Sheep Grand Slam. She wrapped up her Grand Slam on a Stone Sheep hunt at the ripe age of 15 and the entire slam only took one year to complete.

According to the The Longmont Times-Call ( she has future hunting plans as well.

North Dakota Ballot Measure 2 Pits Hunters Against Hunters

In just a few weeks, North Dakota residents will go to the ballot to vote on a total ban on high fence hunting operations. Ballot measure 2 makes the “killing or attempted killing of privately-owned big game species or exotic mammals confined in or released from any man-made enclosure designed to prevent escape” illegal.

The Wall Street Journal is running a solid article on the subject, it can be viewed here.

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