Wolf ESA Protection in Doubt

On Monday the governors of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho had a closed door meeting with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. All three governors have been pressing the Fish and Wildlife Service to turn over management of wolves to the states.

The Denver Post has a write up about the meeting and the general state of wolves in the western U.S.

Wyoming Wildlife Manager Supports Grizzly Hunt

With the number of brown bears in and around Yellowstone National Park hitting all time highs some are starting to talk about the need for grizzly hunts to manage the population.

The Washington Post has a brief article up that suggests that grizzly hunts may have support in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Elk Return to Missouri Hits a Snag

On Monday we posted about Missouri finalizing plans to reintroduce elk to the state. Apparently not everyone is excited about the prospects of large ungulates in the Show-Me state. has a write up about a couple of state representatives that have issues with Elk returning to Missouri.

Tough Times in the Taxidermy Business

The Great Recession has hit nearly every segment of the U.S. economy and taxidermists are no exception.

The Star Tribune has a rambling article up about the taxidermy trade and takes an interesting look at Storm Amacher and her business. It's worth a read if for no other reason than to learn about how a European mount is prepared with bugs.

Wisconsin Driver Smacks Trophy Buck

Hitting a deer in a moving vehicle is universally considered unlucky, unless you're Brenda Morga of Richland County Wisconsin. Mrs. Morga totaled her $6,000 car but has been offered as much as $10,000 for the buck's head.

The Wisconsin State Journal has the complete story about the buck and the fortunate accident.

Coyote Hunter Calls in a Surprise

In recent years it has become easier to put the stealth on coyotes. High quality realistic digital remote callers, new cover scents, new scent blockers, and a wide array of camo patterns that let you virtually disappear and let the game come to you. Keep in mind that you might get more than you bargained for in big cat country.

The Las Vegas Review Journal has a story about hunter Ryan England and his recent eventful coyote hunt.

Early Snow Hard on Colorado Elk

The winter of 2010 has ushered in early snow for the Western Slope of Colorado and with that early snow has come a wave of early ski resort openings. While that's great news for skiers and Colorado ski resort employees, the early snow has a darker side for local elk herds.

The Steamboat Pilot has a write up about the initial impact on the elk herds around the Yampa Valley in northwest Colorado.

Elk Will Return to Missouri in 2011

Missouri will join Arkansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Tennessee in reintroducing elk to the Show-Me state. The initial plan calls for releasing up to 150 wild elk into Reynolds, Carter, and Shannon counties.

According to the initial reintroduction will begin next year in a 346 square mile restoration zone.

Idaho Sheriff Holds 308 SSS Wolf Pack Raffle

Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings is holding a raffle and the grand prize is a Winchester 308 Featherweight Model 70 and a shovel. Raffle tickets went on sale Friday for $1 each, or 11 for $10. The drawing is planned for March 8.

According to the Spokesman-Review and the Lewiston Tribune the SSS in the contest name does not stand for Shoot, Shovel, and Shut up. Rather it stands for "safety, security, and survival."

Wolves Run Amok in Georgian Village

Most wolf news we cover is located in North America. However it appears that the country of Georgia has a wolf problem that makes the North American variety seem tame. According to a wolf pack has been razing the town of Sajijao.

“The wolves have killed as many as 100 farm animals in the village recently,” said Roman Rekvava, mayor of the village of Sajijao. “They prowl through the village at night,” he said in comments broadcast on Imedi television today.

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