Iowa Deer Herd Declining

According to the Chicago Tribune, Iowa's legendary whitetail herd is in decline. The herd total is down 10% from a year ago and 29% from its peak four years ago in 2006.

Potential New Record Colorado Black Bear

Most black bears taken in Colorado are the 200-300 lb variety, but every once in a while a hunter takes a monster of a bruin. This year Craig resident Richard Kendall has taken a 703 lb massive black bear which green scores at 22 5/8 inches enough to be the new state record if it doesn't shrink.

The Craig Daily Press has a good write up on the hunter and the bear with quite a few photos.

NJ Supreme Court Rejects Anti-Hunting Petition

It appears that New Jersey's black bear hunt will start Monday December 6th as scheduled after Judge Edwin Stern denied the petition to stop the black bear hunt.

This will be the first state black bear hunt since 2005 and anti-hunter groups are expected to turn out at check stations to protest.

The Fight for Knife Rights

While guns are the primary focus of the right to bear arms, there has been a smaller but potent movement to increase knife bearing rights in certain states. At first it may seem that knife rights are irrelevant, but investigating your local and state revised statues and codes is likely to find more than a few laws banning various knife types and blade lengths.

The New York Times (Registration may be required to view) has a respectable article posted about the knife right movement.

Nevada May Legalize Shooting Wolves

Wildlife commissioners are considering classifying wolves in the state of Nevada as unprotected, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal. This would place wolves, at least at the state level, in the same class as coyotes.

The discussion was largely prompted by a federal judge's August decision to reinstate wolves as an endangered species in Idaho and Montana and concern the federal government might infringe on Nevada's right to manage wolves, which could threaten big game and livestock.

Two Different Wisconsin Hunters Take Locked Bucks

It's somewhat unusual to report on a hunter taking a pair of locked antler bucks. However it appears that this happened at least twice in Wisconsin this year with two separate hunters. The first is Jon Christian of Montello Wisconsin, has his story and amazingly a before and after video of the locked bucks. Apparently Jon's brother-in-law's trail cam happened to record the bucks fighting and he didn't discover the video until after Jon legally took both bucks.

Pennsylvania Hunter Takes 43 Point Buck

In the record books there are typicals, non-typicals, and then less common freaks of nature. In other words non-typical, non-typicals. It appears that Steve McCartney in PA has taken one of these freaks on the opening day of rifle season. The buck doesn't appear to be particularly tall or wide, however it has numerous points throughout its rack.

Details are kind of schetchy right now, but has a brief story, video, and slide show up about Steve, the buck, and the hunt. Visit the link to check out more detailed photos.

No Charges Filed in Self Defense Grizzly Killing

Glen FortschIn 2009 an elk hunter in Wyoming shot and killed a charging brown bear while trying to haul out a downed elk. After a long investigation the hunter, Glen Fortsch, has been cleared of any wrong doing.

The has a story up about Glen and the nerve wracking wait to find out if he would be charged.

Anti-Hunting Group Files Last Ditch Lawsuit to Stop NJ Bear Hunt

New Jersey's planned black bear hunt is scheduled to start on Monday and animal rights groups are trying their hardest to stop the hunt. According to the group behind this year's suit is the same group that successfully stopped New Jersey's 2007 hunt.

Motorist Catches Anaconda Bighorn Herd on Camera

If you live in deer country catching deer crossing the road this time of the year is nothing special, same goes for elk in the West. How many of you can say you have caught bighorn sheep crossing the road? How about 30 at one time? In Colorado you can occasionally catch a scene like this on the climb to (or descent from) Eisenhower tunnel on I-70 in the spring or fall.

This is just what happened to Evan Barrett of Butte Montana. has his story and a much bigger version of the photo.

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