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I hunted alot of years ago as a young man, but after joining the military, I had trouble finding the time for it and eventually lost interest. I have just recently gotten back into it. I am now in my early-forties, I seem to enjoy the outdoors more, now that I am older and more mature and less likely to take it for granted. I bought a new Traditions Pursuit muzzleloader three years ago and have enjoyed hunting with it the last few years on my own property. I have learned to enjoy the outdoors and the peace that it imparts to my soul. I always enjoy hunting and shooting alone and find the single-mindedness of it very stress relieving and distracting from the mental and emotional rigors of everyday life. I find that I enjoy the muzzleloader more as opposed to a more modern weapon due to the fact that it poses the challenge of having only one shot and making that shot count. I also enjoy all of the tweaking you can do with it as well as the miriad of supplies that it entails (propellent, caps, bullets, bullet starters, etc.). I also enjoy shooting black powder cap a ball revolvers. I love to read, am very patriotic and love my family.


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