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I grew up with my mother and; a one and a half year younger, half brother.  I learned to fish at about six or seven from my mothers boyfriend in Des Moines, Iowa.  In 1984, just the three of us moved to Oklahoma.  My mother married again and I got another brother.  My new step father had a small assortment of hand guns.  He would let us shoot targets and glass bottles.  That was a blast.  We only got a chance to shoot a couple of times before the guns were pawned away.  Most of my time out of school I would be fishing in nearby creeks, ponds, and the Arkansas river.  In 1988 we moved to San Diego.  I learned to do some salt water fishing in Mission bay and from the piers.  The summer between my junior and senior year in high school, I worked as a deck hand on a deep sea fishing charter boat that took 24 hour trips into Mexican waters.  Late 1993 my best friend Isaiah, was moving to Michigan to be with his natural family (he was in a foster home for 5 or 6 years).  I decided to go with him.  His cousin J.J., taught me how to fish for salmon and steelhead during the spawning runs.  Although I always wanted to hunt, I never had anyone "show me the ropes," untill 1999.  The husband of my boss at the time was a white tail hunter that had 75 acres of private land near Rockford, Michigan.  He showed me some of the basics, and after that I never looked back.  I bought a bow first.  Partly because I could fantasize  to be a "Native American Indian" and the archery season in Michigan is so much longer than the gun season.  I can pretty much hunt from Oct. 1 thru Jan. 1 provided all of my tags aren't filled by then.  If the season never ended.  You could never look forward to opening day.  I live with my wife and three children.  My oldest is a boy, Mason.  The other two are McKenzie and Isabella.  All of them love to fish and; they hound me to take them hunting.  Mason will be eligible to hunt with a bow next year.  And; you can bet that he will be with me in the woods opening day 2011. 


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