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Colorado, I have snow in my veins and sand in my boots. I do what I can, because I can; if I don't, who will? .... Right is not a matter of perspective; it is a choice all have to make, from their point of view and hope it matches the point of our Maker. The world needs people like me; with out, the world would be victim to all who claim it. I wear armor everyday. I have smelled death, and will never take life by choice. If you have not yet picked a side, you better get with it. I like animals; alot of them taste good. Freedom is bought with blood. Freedom is the right of all men; free will is a part of all men. Freedom of speech I support; freedom to burn a flag I support. It was the blood of a soldier that secured that right; the same flag will lay upon my coffin. Your welcome


Archery, hunting and anything else that gets my butt off the couch and outside.

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