Hunting Tips

The following hunting tips were submitted by hunters who through experience learned a valuable lesson. They have shared those tips. Please feel free to browse, read, and contribute to this section of BGH.
What Time is it?
Jim Boyd
Are you sitting in your stand and moving your arm to see what time it is? Bad idea! This is just another distraction - that averts your attention - and the movement may well cause deer to see you! Outfit all of your stands - climbing, ladder and loc-...
Stick to it!
Jim Boyd
As a young man and an average hunter, I was always amazed that some hunters were always the ones at the check station or skinning rack with the largest bucks - or with bucks at all! The same guys, time after time! Were they able to hunt virgin land, with...
Deer Hunting: Live on the Edge
Jim Boyd
Regardless of whether you are in a well known hunting area or if you are faced with hunting a new or familiar tract of land, take my advice: Live on the Edge. Let's make sure you understand that refers to a style of hunting and not being irresponsible...
Pick Your Bird
Jeff Filler
While shooting at ducks (or other birds) in dense concentrations, to avoid overlimiting in species or sex, you may have to pick birds that are isolated or at the periphery of the concentration. Then pull the trigger.
Shooting Multiple Birds with One Shot
Jeff Filler
Getting more than one bird (e.g. ducks) in one shot is no accident, nor is it luck. Here is how: 1) get good with your firearm (so that you are a good shot); 2) use quality ammo and the correct gun and choke (for regularly taking your waterfowl); 3)...
Memorize Rocks
Jeff Filler
Memorize rocks. Yes. And stumps. If you hunt an area regularly, memorize the things that look like deer... stumps, rocks, etc. Then one time you will be hunting along, and... "hmmmm, I don't remember that rock" ... and you will look more closely, and...
Check Those Sunglasses
Jeff Filler
If you wear eyeglasses, hold them away from your face and turn them around with the predominant light to your back (e.g, the sunset). Look at your glasses as an animal with the light at its back might be looking at you. If your glasses show a lot of...
Look for Water Ripples
Jeff Filler
If you are hunting creatures that use the water, for example moose, or puddle ducks... look for ripples. Yes, ripples! If you actually see the animal, it can also see you, and it may be too late. But if you come around a bend, and look for and see the...
Lure in That Black Bear
Bud McRoberts
Beaver castor dried is flammable. Put one pound castor in a coffee can with 2 ounces of sterno, set in bottom of bait barrel, light with match. Leave area, or you will smell like a beaver for months!
Hefty Scent Control
Constantine Cotsoradis
I have recently come across a product that will help the hunter protect his/her clothes from unwanted scents. Actually, my wife found the product to store large items such as pillows. One look at it and I quickly snatched up the remaining ones for my...