A World Wide Web Hunting Tip

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Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Sure. Even the oldest veteran hunters who normally share their wisdom with others can benefit from keeping up to date with the newest equipment and hunting tactics and the number one tool is the internet. Many hunters have learned these things the hard way, through trial and error, but with the help of the internet and informational sites like this one, you have tons of knowledge right at your fingertips. By studying hunting tips in your spare time, you will be able to "do it right the first time" when you are out  in the field.

The wild world of the web is a powerful tool in gaining the information that we need  to succeed in the field. This includes everything from maps to hunting forums and groups. I think every hunter should join one and if you can find a local hunting group even better. You can have the fastest bow or the most expensive rifle but nothing can help you succeed like  a little research can.

What should you look for on the web, here are my top searches.

1. Hunting groups/forums.

2. Maps/Google earth.

3. Your local wildlife office, they carry all kinds of valuable hunting info and stats.

4. Land registry and titles, you can easisly obtain information on who owns property .

5. Record books can be viewed on the web, find out where those big bucks have been coming from.

6. New equipment and gadgets.

7. Old equipment manuals and parts list.

8. Classified ads, if you can't afford to buy new, buy used. One man's garbage in another man's treasure.

9.The basics on the game you're going to be hunting, like field judging, kill zone, habitats and the list goes on.

10. Hunting regulations and laws where you're going to be hunting.


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Like here at www.biggamehunt.net !

There is absolutely no doubt that the internet is an amazing tool. USE IT!


Of course groundhog and I are preaching to the choir – because you are already here at www.biggamehunt.net !

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great stuff, thanks

great stuff, thanks

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Great tips!!!!! I have used

Great tips!!!!! I have used many of these.

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I really think this is a fine tip. I wrote a couple of tips myself on the Google Earth tips. Check them out if you get a chance. I have Google opened up on my desk top almost all the time. Thanks

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When we stop learning it is

When we stop learning it is time for the grave.  I try to find out something new each and every day and the web makes that a lot easier.